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This technology is a non-toxic, biodegradable adhesive that allows bonding on wet surfaces, sealing of porous surfaces, and encapsulation of small molecules for controlled release devices. It is formulated with liquid polycaprolactone, a bioresorbable polymer, that has been exploited for production of polyurethane adhesives, medical devices, and drug delivery systems. The adhesive is hydrophobic, VOC-free, and is liquid at room temperature, and contains no toxic free radical initiators, hardener...

Exhibitor : Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive Pte Ltd

This eco-friendly technology includes (1) nanodispersion of ionomers with various ion-conductive functional groups, (2) manufacturing methods and (3) their applications. The ionomer nanoparticle dispersion can be manufactured by nano-dispersing (via modified supercritical methods) a variety of perfluorinated or hydrocarbon ionomers without any physico-chemical degradations in water-alcohol mixtures from their solid forms (e.g. film, sheet, powder, pellet and others). This technology overcomes t...

Exhibitor : DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

This technology enables a metal film to be deposited and strongly bonded onto various elastomeric materials that are typically difficult to coat such as silicone, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and fluorosilicones due to their low surface energy. A highly efficient and cost effective method was developed to activate the elastomer surfaces thereby enabling the surfaces to be metal coated via electroless plating. The types of metal that can be coated include nickel, gold, silver and copper. The ...

Exhibitor : A*STAR, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)

Most treatment processes in environmental applications involves administering a high dose of actives at a given time only to have to repeat that dose days or weeks later. This is not economical and sometimes result in damaging side effects such as inconsistent treatment, environmental pollution and resistance development of the target organisms. These controlled release delivery systems are highly flexible. They can be designed to release actives with specified parameters, such as dosage, dosag...

Exhibitor : Hydroemission Corporation Pte Ltd

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