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As the paradigm of environmental awareness is considered at the same level with economic efficiency, the growing energy demand of the population has to be supplied by conscious management of the natural resources, involving sustainable energy production and energy consumption. Air pollution in urban areas carries significant risks for human health and the environment. Hydrogen is a potent candidate to ease the fossil fuel dependency of the society, in a COx-emission-free way. Though, the product...

Exhibitor : LC Innoconsult

This technology is related to the development of a highly innovative, energy efficient and environmentally friendly power production unit for decentralized (on or off grid) power generation. The unit has the capability for combined heat and power (CHP)production, as needed. The device is able to convert the fuel (LPG/NG/Biogas) into electrical and thermal power by means of a PEM fuel cell, with intermediate production of hydrogen. The nominal capacity of the power system is 5 kW, while, in the c...

Exhibitor : Helbio s.a. Hydrogen & Energy Systems

The lack of hydrogen infrastructure has been the major barrier to fuel cell commercialisation, especially for portable applications. Some companies offer hydrogen solutions based on liquid sodium borohydride. These commercial solutions, however, have some drawbacks. Sodium borohydride solution faces problems, such as, precious catalyst with short lifespan, leakage, orientation issues, complex maintenance and impurities in the hydrogen generated. The impurities in hydrogen would accumulate in the...

Exhibitor : Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive Pte Ltd

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