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The technology is a flexible, lightweight and solid-state supercapacitor made of conducting polymer and metal oxide composite thin film electrodes. The composite electrodes of conducting polymer and metal oxide are considered to be the most promising materials as supercapacitor electrodes due to their low cost, ease of synthesis and high capacitive characteristics. The composite electrode exhibits good structural and electrochemical stability, good conductivity, high reversibility, and thermal ...

Exhibitor : University of the Philippines

Commercially available supercapacitors are packaged in metal cans or prismatic cells which are rigid while wearable devices should be soft and flexible, conforming to the human body without sacrificing comfort or impeding movement. These conflicting requirements make integrating existing supercapacitors into wearable devices difficult and awkward. Republic Polytechnic has developed a supercapacitor capable of withstanding repeated bending and flexing, particularly suited for use in soft wearabl...

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic

Graphene, a two-dimensional carbon allotrope with diverse properties such as superior electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, flexibility and low density, amongst others. By tuning the surface functionality, various graphene derivatives and composites can be synthesized using low-cost wet process. Different technological solutions that address different issues like anti-fouling, durability of coatings and long service life Li-ion batteries, etc., have been developed by...

Exhibitor : Grafoid Inc.

Our advanced redox solution stores energy in low-cost solid materials and produces power from the cell stack when the redox electrolytes are circulated through the storage tanks. We demonstrate the energy density is increased up to 5 times compared to the energy density of conventional systems. Our costs are much lower and have a wider range of operational temperature. Currently solutions for large-scale energy storage applications are prohibitively expensive and suffer from low energy density a...

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

Silica (SiO2) fibrous material is a special functional material with unique properties represented by amorphous fibre structure. These silica fibres can adsorb significantly more water than commercially available silica gel of the same mesoporous character. This feature is especially apparent in the range of medium relative humidity (30-70% RH), which is industrially the most important range for adsorption (in electronics, food, chemical industries, and numerous others). Owing to its porosity, t...

Exhibitor : University of Pardubice

A stacked redox flow battery having an integrated thin film electrode with a tandem structure accomplishes great battery efficiency per unit volume by reducing the volume of the electrode and cell. An additive overcoming the problem of an electrolyte is developed to address the problem with a battery with lowered power density resulting from insoluble deposition of a conventional redox flow battery so that the performance is increased twice the conventional performance. 1. A technique of a tan...

Exhibitor : DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

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