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Nanoplasmonics deal with creating ultra-compact components for nanoscale photonic devices to match their electronic counterparts. Focusing on control and manipulation of plasmons at nanometre dimensions, nanoplasmonics combines the strength of electronics and photonics and is predicted to replace existing integrated circuits and photonic devices. It is one of the fastest growing fields of science, with applications in telecommunication, consumer electronics, data storage, medical diagnostics, an...

Exhibitor : Sabanci University

PlugIt isthe leading provider ofelectrical vehicle (EV) mobility solutions for B2C & B2B. EV mobility solutions are fragmented and complex, we make it simple for the EV manufacturer and the operator of the mobility solution by customising the HW, SW and services for your need.With our fully remotely managed IOT cloud based Charging as a Service(CaaS) platform, we focus on tailored use cases for operators such asretail malls owners, hotel owners, commercial real estate owners, parking operato...

Exhibitor : Embassy of Finland, Singapore

Electric Vehicles (EV) and Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEVs) with ten times cheaper running costs and minimal maintenance costs compared to vehicles powered by internal combustion enginesis poised to disrupt the automotive industry. These factors and the environmental impact of the petrol based transport infrastructure has led to renewed interest in an electric transport infrastructure. To power EVs and AEVs, charging currently relies mainly on two contact based methods, battery swapping and co...

Exhibitor : Xnergy Autonomous Power Technologies

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