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PlugIt isthe leading provider ofelectrical vehicle (EV) mobility solutions for B2C & B2B. EV mobility solutions are fragmented and complex, we make it simple for the EV manufacturer and the operator of the mobility solution by customising the HW, SW and services for your need.With our fully remotely managed IOT cloud based Charging as a Service(CaaS) platform, we focus on tailored use cases for operators such asretail malls owners, hotel owners, commercial real estate owners, parking operato...

Exhibitor : Embassy of Finland, Singapore

During the last two decades we have witnessed immense advancements in our understanding of the underlying biology of disease thanks to the technologies that allowed us unlock the secrets of our genetic code. The taming of our genome sequence has opened the doors to a new paradigm in medicine, more precise and personalized. However, many institutions and professionals lack access to the tools and infrastructure to make the most of this resource, along with privacy concerns due to the sensible nat...

Exhibitor : Catalonia Trade and Investment

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