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With the increasing global ban of animal testing in this era, particularly for cosmetic-related products, research and development is greatly hindered. In addition, many of today's animal and cell-based toxicity testing models are burdened by significant accuracy, reproducibility, cost and ethical concerns. Adoption of In-­vitro models have increased, due to the resemblance to the human skin, it is paced to fulfill efficacy claims ethically & build brand image. However, current OTCs...

Exhibitor : DeNova Sciences Pte Limited

Regenerative medicine using a person’s own cell, generally autologous cell takes a procedure that a doctor harvests cells from a patient which cells are cultured on a plate to make a target tissue, and then transplants the tissue to the same patient to cure the disease. In order to provide high-quality cells to patients, it needs technology to predict cell proliferation, differentiation and etc. at the most effective transplantation based on observation and analysis of cell behaviors, tiss...

Exhibitor : The Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)

Nowadays, growth factors are used in various applications such as therapeutics, personal careand researchsince they play a vital role in cell regeneration andgrowth and for the maintenance of healthy human tissue. However, it seems that we do not benefit from manmade growth factor efficiency. Mostapplications only use a single growth factor for one objective whilesome use growth factor mixtures without knowledge of the proper proportion. Our technology is Customized recombinant human growth fact...


Algae-based CO2 fixation and biorefinery is one of the most efficient CO2-capture and renewable energy production strategy, mainly due to the outstanding CO2 fixation and photosynthetic capacities of algae. The technology consists of a highly efficient microalgae production system and downstream technology for the chemical free extraction of target compounds in the algae. The technologies have been validated through a commercial-scale 300-ton microalgae cultivation system and also used in lutein...

Exhibitor : Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Enzymatic technologies are a natural way to reduce dependence on harsh chemicals or over – processing while improving the process – economically, technologically, and environmentally. The technology provider currently has commercial enzymatic solutions in the market and has a wide range of enzymatic technologies to address a variety of industrial applications. The enzymes are tailored made to meet the customer specific requirements. Very often this means that enzymes are designed to ...

Exhibitor : MetGen Oy

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