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The technology offers a Pilot-Line, automated digital manufacturing platform with integrated safety systems. The Pilot-Line is CE marked, safety certified system, capable of testing and validatingdigital manufacturing systems within pre-existing production lines. The Pilot-Line is also capable of deliveringsmall quantity production and pre & post-production manufacturing. The system uses a patented print-head technology that allows digital deposition of functional fluids and high-viscosity ...

Exhibitor : Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

We have secured numerousprojects in the mature industry of port automation, including clinching projects from major MNCs.

Exhibitor : i2P Ventures Pte Ltd

Imagine if you have a shop-floor the size of a football field, and you have to walk in search of and/or transport items across row after row of shelved items. Or there might be a perimeter fence that requires a walk-around check. Try doing it for 8-hours a day. This laborious inventorying work is tough on any worker. Now, envision if an Autonomous Device will play “fetch” or go-around those premises at the touch of a button, within the comfort zone of a central control centre?

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

Automatingpackaging processes for irregular products such as potatoes, dried mushrooms, and rock sugar are a challenge due to its irregularity in shape, size, and weight. These irregularities also possessa challenge for automated solutions to obtainthe required weight for each package. Coupled with the strict regulatory weight variance control, manufacturers have to relyon manual packing of irregular goods to ensure that their goods are within the acceptable weight variance. The technology offer...

Exhibitor : Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore

Job scheduling is an important and highly complex process in semiconductor manufacturing. This is routinely carried out by senior planners manually through heuristics. The manual approach provides feasible but not optimum solutions. Increasingly, modern fabs are advancing towards the concept of cyber physical system (CPS) with tightly integrated physical environment, wireless sensor network enabled by powerful computation and real-time data acquisition. Manual planners can no longer cope with th...

Exhibitor : Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive Pte Ltd

Our company develops smart state of the art 3D vision systems. The deep scientific research was transformed into a unique patented technology of an advanced 3D vision camera and other products, providing robots with "eyes". Our team of talented visionaries and engineers has developed a high-quality 3D scanner with high resolution and speed with which our customers achieve unbeatable performance in terms of noise and overall efficiency. The 3D data and their fast processing have been us...

Exhibitor : Photoneo s.r.o.

Electric Vehicles (EV) and Autonomous Electric Vehicle (AEVs) with ten times cheaper running costs and minimal maintenance costs compared to vehicles powered by internal combustion enginesis poised to disrupt the automotive industry. These factors and the environmental impact of the petrol based transport infrastructure has led to renewed interest in an electric transport infrastructure. To power EVs and AEVs, charging currently relies mainly on two contact based methods, battery swapping and co...

Exhibitor : Xnergy Autonomous Power Technologies

WPG is a unique gear system that can be directly integrated into an electric motor and is capable of replacing frequency converters for some applications. The mechanical performance of the WPG in terms of the gear ratioand power transmission is comparableto conventional driveswith the highest performance density - Watts to Megawattsand a wide gear ratio. The technology is based on the existing andwell-established principles of Tooth Geometry for gear designs. The gear ratio of the new drive can...

Exhibitor : LC Innoconsult

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