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This novel synthetic fibre reflects near-infrared (NIR) and visible light from the sun and allows the human body to release far-infrared (FIR), achieving outstanding cooling effects under solar radiation. Inspired by Salty Ice Plant, a natural plant which holds salt crystals on the surface of leaves and stems and reflects sunlight to cool itself, we use bicomponent melt spinning to deposit nano-sized ceramic crystals inside synthetic fibres. Textiles made from these fibres reflect sunlight whil...

Exhibitor : International Strategic Technology Alliance (ISTA)

Many of the natural herbal and botanic ingredients are well-known since ancient time for its tremendous curing and many other benefits, hence many of modern luxury pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are advertised to be made from them. The key success to produce such high-quality products lies in total controllability of the value-chain of the products; from sourcing, extracting and delivering to the final commercial products. However, there are only a few manufacturers are capable of utilizin...

Exhibitor : Chiang Mai University

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