AME023  |  Heap Delignification Process

This invention provides an economical delignification method where lignin can be either removed completely or partially by irrigating of biomaterial agglomerated in a heap with chemicals. In this novel delignification method the irrigation solution that has run off to the bottom of the heap can be collected and transferred to a pool or storage unit to be recycled for future usage.

Exhibitor : Itünova Teknoloji A.S.

AME053  |  Fine Chemical Synthesis from Renewable Sugars and Biomass

Compounds containing N-heterocyclic moieties are a class of privileged compounds that have found numerous applications as pharmaceuticals. Pyrazines are important components of aroma fragrances, potential pharmacophore of a large number of biologically active substances and widely used as agrochemicals. 2- methyl pyrazine has a nutty odour flavour and is often used as a flavour ingredient. Unfortunately, current methods of pyrazine synthesis suffer from poor yield, long reaction times or use of toxic solvents or heavy metals as the catalyst. This technology relates to the use of green chemistry to synthesize a variety of pyrazines, including 2-methylpyrazine.

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

HPC083  |  Sustainable Production of Phyto-ingredients using Hairy Root Cultures

Plants and plant-derived ingredients are common and of major importance in the fields of pharmacy, food and cosmetics. The drawback of using plant-based innovative ingredients is that their production is influenced by many factors such as growth conditions, fluctuating yields, large time-scales of plant growth etc. Hairy root cultures of various pharmacologically significant plants present an attractive production platform that can be customized for various applications to reproducibly generate valuable compounds.

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic