HPC024  |  Microfluidic Device for Mass Production of Emulsion

The novel multilayer microfluidic device enables the mass production of monodisperse single emulsions. Demonstrated to have the highest throughput for a single device, the device provides control of the droplet size and is completely scalable based on production requirements. The microfluidic system incorporates post-droplet generation processing that can modify the structure and composition in order to produce any kind of engineered particles. The device could be used in the production of highly monodisperse emulsions for a number of different industries.

Exhibitor : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

HPC107  |  Durable Nano-encapsulated Insect Repellent Finishing for Fabrics

Insect bite is a known way of disease transmission and hence there is a demand for insect repellent products in the market. As most products are directly applied to the skin, repeated use may lead to allergies and other health risks due to inherent biotoxicity. This technology encapsulates a commonly used insect repellent to not only enable controlled release of the compound but also be applied as a finishing to fabrics, especially outdoor apparel and sportswear. Wearers can be shielded from insects effectively without having to apply the repellent directly on skin.  

Exhibitor : The Hong Kong Polytechnic University