HPC007  |  Aroma Films for Food and Beverages

Today, instant and ready-to-eat meals in convenience stores and supermarkets have become part and parcel of urban life. Due to high temperatures during production and poor shelf life of aromatic compounds, these foods are less appealing compared to freshly cooked meals, even when ingredients are added in excess.  This technology overcomes such drawbacks by trapping natural, aromatic essential oils in the form of a water soluble film that can completely dissolve in warm water during re-heating of such meals. These unique films stabilize the essential oil components, which is suitable for longer preservation of tantalizing aromas.

Exhibitor : Chulalongkorn University & The Thailand Research Fund

HPC083  |  Sustainable Production of Phyto-ingredients using Hairy Root Cultures

Plants and plant-derived ingredients are common and of major importance in the fields of pharmacy, food and cosmetics. The drawback of using plant-based innovative ingredients is that their production is influenced by many factors such as growth conditions, fluctuating yields, large time-scales of plant growth etc. Hairy root cultures of various pharmacologically significant plants present an attractive production platform that can be customized for various applications to reproducibly generate valuable compounds.

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic