AME044  |  A Speaker Specially Designed For Speech

The world's first sound absorbing loudspeaker with world leading properties related to speech reproduction and the user’s speech intelligibility in particular. Combined with state-of-the-art sound dispersion, a fast and easy installation, and a flexible design makes the Speaker unique compared to existing solutions. It a design icon, well adapted to modern architecture and challenging acoustical environments, so that everyone can hear it all - always. 

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

HPC020  |  Next-generation Sound Transmission Technologies

Usually, the vibration of sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve of human through the eardrum.  In contrast, in the case of “bone conduction” technology, the vibration of sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve of human through bones.  This technology mitigates the burden on the eardrum, thereby preventing hearing loss.  The present technologies realize sound transmission with higher efficiency then the conventional bone conduction technology with small and light devices.

Exhibitor : IPBridge,Inc.

SDE034  |  Programmable Pressure Activated Floatation Trigger Device

The present invention describes a programmable pressure activated inflation trigger device for a life vest. The device is enclosed in a housing wherein a microprocessor controller is mounted on a printed circuit board and a pressure sensor. Inside the housing is a liquid cartridge being connected a pump. When the life vest is in contact with water, the controller switches the trigger device from a sleep mode to an operation mode and triggers the pump when both a predetermined water pressure and time period are breached, thereby inflating the life vest to bring the user above the water surface.

Exhibitor : Nanyang Polytechnic

SDE057  |  Piezoelectric Parametric Speaker System

Imagine a set of speakers that can project a narrow beam of sound to a particular target. The beam of sound goes directly to the ears of the intended individual without interfering with any quiet environment of any other persons. Our ground-breaking piezoelectric parametric speaker technology provides a number of innovative applications for retailers, system integrators, and organizations as an effective tool for improvement in commercial activities, coupled with sound advertisement, digital signage, and entertainment solution by controlling the direction of sound.

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore