AME050  |  Affordable Digital Braille Clock

Time-keeping devices currently available for the visually impaired are of two types – talking clocks, that announce time, and analogue clocks, where the position of the needles are felt. Talking clocks lack discretion, whereas analogue clocks lack precision. Digital clocks that display time in braille that would overcome the above problems are absent, as displaying braille digits is highly expensive. To significantly lower the cost of displaying braille digits, this clock uses a rotating disk technology to manipulate the digital braille display, instead of the expensive piezoelectric mechanism used in current braille displays.

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

AME065  |  Flexible Conduction Trace and Flexible Electronic Device for Wearables

This technology presents a low-cost flexible conductive composite and a simple process of arranging the nickel particles in the desired direction by using an external magnetic field. This technology relates to a flexible conduction trace which has better electrical characteristic comparing the previous the metal thin film tech. Furthermore, the flexible conduction trace in this invention is able to maintain a constant resistance during no tensile strain is applied or the tensile strain is applied. Thus this invention provides the operational reliability and prevents the degradation that is experienced in other flexible and conductive materials.

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation

AME067  |  One-Step Fabrication of a Highly Conductive and Durable Copper Paste for Flexible Electronics

The electrical conductivity of copper drops when it is oxidised, and since copper is readily oxidised at relatively low temperatures, manufacturers of the display industry or any other related industry especially using inkjet printing, screen printing, off-set printing will typically use silver-based paste as a substitute. This technology offers a highly conductive and durable copper paste, that has been successfully fabricated via acid treatment and mechanical blending with corrosion inhibitor. A screen-printed copper pattern was evaluated as an electronic device with long term and thermal stability, as well as structural flexibility.

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation

AME019  |  See-through Projection Screen and Display System

Transparent glass is used commonly in architecture façade as well as in in the windscreen and windows of vehicles. Such transparent glass provides the avenue to implement see-through display for different applications. We offered here a projection display film technology that enables images to be displayed on transparent glass without obscuring the background scene. It provides the flexibility to project images on transparent glass or plastics of various shapes and the film can be produced using roll-to-roll manufacturing, which gave it the advantage over other see-through displays, which faced difficulty to do the same. 

Exhibitor : _ Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

HPC071  |  Multilayer Light Field Display

The multi-layer light field display is a promising computational display which can not only display hologram-like 3D content but is also compatible with normal 2D applications. An improved conceptual light field 3D display technology is demonstrated here that produces reasonable spatial resolution across a comfortable viewing angle for a user. This is especially useful for professional applications where 3D viewing adds significant value, such as the rendering of greyscale medical imaging and artistic rendering of museum pieces.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd


We offer a smart card/tag technology that comprises an electronic-paper display and NFC. The display on the smart card can be programmed dynamically using an NFC-enabled smartphone without requiring an external power source for the smart card. The smart card can be used as a recyclable label, staff pass, visitor pass etc.

Exhibitor : Display IT Card Pte Ltd