AME039  |  "NPROVER" Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle

The NPROVER is an underwater robot that can be used in applications such as ship hull inspections, mine countermeasure operations, search & recovery and underwater surveys in lieu of drydocking. The vehicle is capable of diving up to 100 meters, surpassing the depth of recreational SCUBA diving, while streaming live video back to the surface. The underwater robot is controlled via a tether connected to a surface computer and is equipped with two LED spot lights and an SD color camera.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

SDE027  |  A Method for Regulating the Communication of Onboard Wireless Sensors

This technology is related to an onboard wireless sensor that can be used for safety reasons. Technology enables a regular data exchange between the wireless sensors and the control unit, therefore, provides a better-quality communication of onboard wireless sensors. The technology behind this invention is the generation of a timetable algorithm determining the data exchange time between a control unit and wireless sensors in a vehicle.

Exhibitor : KOC University

SDE031  |  Development Platform for WiFi-enabled Devices

Smart, connected home and office devices are transforming the way people interact with spaces, while in those spaces or from almost anywhere on the planet, through a web browser. This development platform enables rapid development of Wi-Fi enabled products for the smart home and offices, such as advanced IP cameras, surveillance devices, gateway solutions and smart appliances.  Built on a commercially available SOC chipset, this platform runs OpenWrt Linux and consists of a number of software development tools and two versions of HDK.

Exhibitor : Mediatek Inc.

SDE032  |  IoT Development Platform for IoT Nodes

This hardware development kit (HDK) is a low-cost and easy to use Internet of Things (IoT) development platform for RTOS to design, prototype, evaluate and implement IoT projects. It is based on an ARM Cortex-M4 with floating-point MCU in QFN68 package. This HDK enables Wi-Fi connectivity, rich communication features with cloud services and real-time control. It comes with additional libraries to integrate a variety of peripherals and enable a new class of highly connected applications.

Exhibitor : Mediatek Inc.

SDE037  |  Power Sensing Method for Energy Harvesting and Low Power Electronics

Conventional power sensors or analogue to digital converters (ADCs) work under the assumption of a constant and stable power supply. This assumption is not applicable to energy harvesting systems because power supply drops while the system power dissipates, and rises when new energy is harvested. Hence, what is needed is an ADC that functions correctly in the absence of a stable power supply. The technology provider has developed a solution using a tiny proportion of the charge being sampled to power the ADC. This technology provides run-time power sensing that functions correctly in the absence of a stable power supply.  

Exhibitor : Newcastle University

SDE054  |  Free Space Technology and Its Applications to Automotive and Robotics

Vehicle safety has become paramount now, more than any of the previous five decades of automotive transport, owing to the number of vehicles plying urban roads. Hence, vehicles need to understand their surroundings in order to assist the driver in navigating the roads safely. Mobile robots, on the other hand, are equipped with the capability to autonomously transport and distribute items to a predetermined destination. There is a need to estimate the free space present in front of vehicle (robot) in order to navigate efficiently. We present a novel method to achieve robust free space estimation. 

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

SDE064  |  High Performance Network Over Coaxial SoC

Coaxial cable is a ubiquitous and excellent transmission medium. However, the transmission capability of coaxial cable has not been fully excavated, and coaxial cable is being forgotten in every household wall by China broadband access market and research area. The research team, which is mainly composed of Academy of Broadcasting Science SAPPRFT, Peking University, Xidian University and HNSEMI, has been focusing on coaxial cable transmission for ten years since 2005. Based on the long-term accumulation of advanced technology, the research team independently designed HINOC technology which is tailored to coaxial cable access network.

Exhibitor : Peking University

SDE071  |  A Novel Way Of Residual Bandwidth Estimation

This invention related to a bandwidth estimation method which is easily implementable on network nodes and enables to be made better routing decisions and/or estimates the flow admission control by enabling estimation of availability of the communication capacity estimates. With the technology presented herein, a method is provided for the estimation of residual bandwidth which is easily implementable on network nodes and which is able to correctly estimate the accurate traffic handling capability.

Exhibitor : Sabanci University / Inovent Co.

SDE072  |  Cooperative MAC Protocol With Relay Selection and Power Control

The improvement of the wireless channel quality is beneficial, not only from the communications perspective but also from the energy perspective, due to potential reduction in the energy costs of data transmission, reception, re-transmission(s) and interference. The quality of the wireless channel can be significantly improved by antenna diversity and multiple output techniques, as the receiver is provided with multiple copies of the original signal through independent fading paths, resulting in diversity gain.This invention relates to wireless networks wherein a more energy-efficient architecture is used and the hardware limitations and the power consumption cost of the wireless nodes are optimized.

Exhibitor : Sabanci University / Inovent Co.