AME068  |  Optimized Low-Power Wide Area Wireless Mesh Network for Environmental Sensors and Security Surveillance

A long range wireless network that consume several times less power than commercial alternatives, and with internally developed wireless mesh protocol capability that relay messages between sensors and gateway. It has universal node type that promises ease to deploy, operate, and maintain. It is suitable for unplanned large scale installation of remote environmental and security monitoring sensors.

Exhibitor : SGLab Pte Ltd

HPC103  |  Double-loop Segmented Radiofrequency (RF) Coil for a 10.5 Tesla MRI Human Scanner

One of the challenging problems of ultra-high field (UHF) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is creating highly efficient radio-frequency (RF) transmit/receive coils with homogeneous RF-field distributions. A 1D metamaterial concept is applied to design a novel RF head coil for the world’s first 10.5 T whole-body MRI scanner. Numerical simulations demonstrate the homogeneity of the RF-field achieved and successfully validates the proposed idea.

Exhibitor : Singapore University of Technology and Design

HPC017  |  Remote Real-Time Vital-Sign Monitoring System Using Patented SIL Radar Technology

This system uses radio waves to monitor biological objects, providing respiration and heart rate information in real-time. It is based on the patented Self-Injection-Locked (SIL) radar technology. The main benefits of this system are that it is remote and contactless and it penetrates obstacles. All of these characteristics are important for long-term human or animal health monitoring because the living objects under monitoring are not restrained or confined by the system, and even unaware of the existence of the system.

Exhibitor : _ Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

SDE002  |  Millimeter Wave Gigabit Wireless Communications

High data rate Millimeter wave Gigabit Wireless Communications in place of wired communications: To enable rapid deployment of connected data services that require high connection bandwidth. To eliminate wired infrastructure in order to significantly reduce deployment cost and complexity. To enable rapid re-configuration of deployments of services in dynamic environments.

Exhibitor : CLOPTech


We offer a smart card/tag technology that comprises an electronic-paper display and NFC. The display on the smart card can be programmed dynamically using an NFC-enabled smartphone without requiring an external power source for the smart card. The smart card can be used as a recyclable label, staff pass, visitor pass etc.

Exhibitor : Display IT Card Pte Ltd

SDE005  |  High Speed Close Proximity Point-to-Point Communication

A Korean research institute that specializes in electronics and telecommunication provides a high-speed close proximity communication technology. This technology enables high-speed data transfer and wireless power transmission to a device without a built-in power source. The institute is hoping to meet partners from chips, smartphone module and flash memory manufacturing field for technology transfer with license agreement regarding this technology.

Exhibitor : ED Research Co., Ltd.

SDE013  |  Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Chipset and Application Examples

We offer competitive Impulse-based UWB solutions, such as High Resolution Real-time Location System, High Resolution Short Range Radar and Body Area Network for Medical ICT (Information Communication Technology). These solutions are availble in the form of chipset or modules in compact form-factor. Impulse-based UWB had potential beyond the existing solutions developed by us and hence we like to seek development partners to work with us to create more innovative solutions for the industry.

Exhibitor : Global Interface Wireless Technologies Pte. Ltd.

SDE041  |  E-Chain, A Personal Possession Anti-theft Security Dongle

Like a physical link-chain securing an asset to an anchor, E-Chain uses the IEEE 802.15.4 technology to track and keep close the user’s personal items. The E-chain uses wireless technologies to detect tagged assets within the proximity of the reader. In the event that tagged assets are no longer detected, suggesting the likelihood of theft, an alarm is sounded to alerting the user. The E-chain consists of two modules --- a tag, and a reader. The reader checks that the paired tags are within defined range.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

SDE072  |  Cooperative MAC Protocol With Relay Selection and Power Control

The improvement of the wireless channel quality is beneficial, not only from the communications perspective but also from the energy perspective, due to potential reduction in the energy costs of data transmission, reception, re-transmission(s) and interference. The quality of the wireless channel can be significantly improved by antenna diversity and multiple output techniques, as the receiver is provided with multiple copies of the original signal through independent fading paths, resulting in diversity gain.This invention relates to wireless networks wherein a more energy-efficient architecture is used and the hardware limitations and the power consumption cost of the wireless nodes are optimized.

Exhibitor : Sabanci University / Inovent Co.

SDE075  |  RADAR with Collision Avoidance Spread Spectrum Sequence

This innovation describes a RADAR detection technology to preventing interference of signal from another identical radar. Interference occurs between radar signals transmitted by vehicles that travel on roads at different elevations and use identical spread sequences. This invention selects a spread sequence based on an elevation of a vehicle and direction of travel. This invention reduces the chance of duplicated spread sequence from identical radar in the vicinity. Therefore, these spread spectrum radar signals have different characteristics and interference does not occur between these radar signals transmitted by vehicles that travel on roads at different elevations or different direction. 

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation