AME031  |  A MEMS Technology for the “New-generation” Oscillators

This technology represented here is related to a nanometer-sized mechanical resonator array geometry (NEMS resonator) which is designed to overcome issues that are associated with nano-sized resonators such as lack of mechanical coupling and “high motional impedance”. The technology delivers nano-sized resonators that are enabled to work on higher frequencies with higher output signals at reduced noise levels resulting better performing and miniaturized oscillators.

Exhibitor : KOC University

SDE002  |  Millimeter Wave Gigabit Wireless Communications

High data rate Millimeter wave Gigabit Wireless Communications in place of wired communications: To enable rapid deployment of connected data services that require high connection bandwidth. To eliminate wired infrastructure in order to significantly reduce deployment cost and complexity. To enable rapid re-configuration of deployments of services in dynamic environments.

Exhibitor : CLOPTech

SDE005  |  High Speed Close Proximity Point-to-Point Communication

A Korean research institute that specializes in electronics and telecommunication provides a high-speed close proximity communication technology. This technology enables high-speed data transfer and wireless power transmission to a device without a built-in power source. The institute is hoping to meet partners from chips, smartphone module and flash memory manufacturing field for technology transfer with license agreement regarding this technology.

Exhibitor : ED Research Co., Ltd.

SDE026  |  A Platform Technology for Producing Flexible Silicon Substrate

Silicon electronics are at the heart of today's digital world. Silicon-based electronics have unparalleled performance, cost, and yield advantage, making it the most preferred material for ninety percent of digital electronics. Still, ultra-mobile, high-performance computation capabilities are yet to be achieved. This invention is a process of sequential oxidation and etching steps to produce mechanically flexible, optically transparent, porous monocrystalline silicon substrate

Exhibitor : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

SDE031  |  Development Platform for WiFi-enabled Devices

Smart, connected home and office devices are transforming the way people interact with spaces, while in those spaces or from almost anywhere on the planet, through a web browser. This development platform enables rapid development of Wi-Fi enabled products for the smart home and offices, such as advanced IP cameras, surveillance devices, gateway solutions and smart appliances.  Built on a commercially available SOC chipset, this platform runs OpenWrt Linux and consists of a number of software development tools and two versions of HDK.

Exhibitor : Mediatek Inc.

SDE064  |  High Performance Network Over Coaxial SoC

Coaxial cable is a ubiquitous and excellent transmission medium. However, the transmission capability of coaxial cable has not been fully excavated, and coaxial cable is being forgotten in every household wall by China broadband access market and research area. The research team, which is mainly composed of Academy of Broadcasting Science SAPPRFT, Peking University, Xidian University and HNSEMI, has been focusing on coaxial cable transmission for ten years since 2005. Based on the long-term accumulation of advanced technology, the research team independently designed HINOC technology which is tailored to coaxial cable access network.

Exhibitor : Peking University