AME004  |  Green Building Materials

This technology offer highlights the materials achievements designed for Green Building applications. Such applications require not only the design of new materials but also involve incorporating the materials into material systems (such as stacks). By incorporating these materials onto existing building, automotive or structures, enhancement in energy rejection functions can be achieved.

Exhibitor : A*STAR - Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

HPC032  |  High Quality Silver Quantum Dots

This technology provides high quality quantum dots which are capable of luminescence at wavelengths desired for medical applications. The quantum dots presented herein have dramatically improved quantum yields and comparatively high transfection efficiencies as well, which is again essential for medical applications. These quantum dots also have low toxicity levels which make them favourable candidates for medical applications. This technology offers an effective and cost efficient way of synthesising these quantum dots.

Exhibitor : KOC University

USS025  |  Highly Efficient Coating for Solar Thermal Applications

A highly efficient thermos-solar conversion system has been developed. It is based on employing carbon nanotubes as the absorbing material and therefore can be efficiently used for small to large facilities and from low to mid temperature (up to 400 °C) devices. The patent-pending invention can be applied for generating steam for industrial usage as well as for medium to large Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems.            

Exhibitor : NEW CREATE

USS027  |  Printable Thin Film Solar Cell

The technology described herein is related to the development of a solution-based method of manufacturing thin film solar cell (Cu-Zn-Sn-S and Cu-In-Ga-S) which is cost-effective, easily scalable for large area production and can be fabricated on flexible substrates. In addition, the power conversion efficiency is not significantly affected under rainy or cloudy weather conditions. Based on preliminary trials, this technology generates the highest power density (W/kg) compared to commercially available silicon solar cells. The technology provider would like to seek industry collaboration to apply this technology in building facades and in applications aside from roof-top power generation and solar farms.

Exhibitor : NEW CREATE