USS016  |  Ultimate Regenerative Cooling System Requiring No Power Supply

Conventional cooling systems, such as air cooling system using fans or water cooling system using pumps, require external power supplies.  In addition, such movable members as fans or pumps require maintenance.  In order to solve these problems, the present technology offers a cooling system using a regenerative pump which operates with the magnetic body force of thermos-sensitive magnetic fluid for cooling waste heat.

Exhibitor : IPBridge,Inc.

USS031  |  Micro-scale Combined Heat and Power

The technology described herein provides a radically new concept for small and micro-scale combined heat and power generation, based around an external combustion, reciprocating Joule cycle (RJC) system. The RJC engine has been studied by a number of researchers with very promising results. However, the energy converter in previous systems, which is based on conventional, crankshaft engine technology, is unable to provide the required conversion efficiency.

Exhibitor : Newcastle University