USS034  |  Modular Wave Energy Converter (MWEC) for Small-Scale Power Generation in the Marine Environment

MWEC is a Plug-and-Play modular device that is completely above the water surface, not requiring drivetrain components to interact with water volume under normal operating conditions. This MWEC translates linear to rotary motion and uses vertical linear motion of floating structures caused by transverse motion of waves appropriately to drive typical generators (e.g. rotational, linear).   Power derivation of wave energy converter in low wave height and frequency conditions (Hs<0.5m, Tp=2-10s) makes it suitable for small scale power generation. The wave energy converter is intended for power generation for jetties, harbours, marine ports, oil rigs, offshore installations, shore-based loads, berthed/anchored ships.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

USS040  |  Cross Axis Wind Turbine

This technology is related to a unique design for a wind turbine which comprises of three vertical blades and six horizontal blades arranged in cross axis orientation. The cross axis wind turbine functions with airflows coming from both the horizontal and vertical directions. The lift created by the horizontal blades of the radial arms produces an aero-levitation force which reduces bearing frictions in the generator. Thus, the lifespan of the generator and hence, the lifespan of the wind turbine is prolonged. 

Exhibitor : PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd