AME029  |  Switchable Materials Wettability for Controllable Oil-Water Separation

Wettability is a very important property of a solid surface, which is governed by the surface morphology and surface chemical composition. In recent years, more and more interest has been paid to the emerging area of the wettability at the water/solid interfaces. The design and preparation of a functional water/solid interface is very important for the materials used in aqueous medium, such as the microfluidics device for small droplet generation and manipulation. This technology presents a smart surface with switchable superoleophilicity and superoleophobicity in aqueous medium by a responsive block copolymer grafting strategy.

Exhibitor : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

AME030  |  Tunable Ultrahigh Surface Area Sorbents for Gas Separation and Purification

The refinery industry and environmental regulations drive the need for new material solutions that are able to mitigate energy intensive processes and high capital costs. Based on metal clusters and functional organic linkers, this technology offers a new class of porous materials developed with high control over its pore size and chemical properties. These advanced porous materials offer solutions to improve separation and purification process in the petroleum industry and beyond.

Exhibitor : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

AME018  |  New Class of Commercial-scale Separation Membranes Incorporating Graphene

Graphene is the world's most popular material; however, it hardly mixes with other materials because it is hydrophobic and oleophobic. By modifying graphene without affecting its conductivity, it is found to disperse well in either water or organic solvent. A polymer solution prepared from the modified graphene, can be sprayed on a variety of materials as a coating film. The resultant product has the properties of conductivity, heat resistance, anti-radiation and anti-electromagnetic waves, and can be applied to various industries, such as low-energy desalination, electronics, functional fabrics, as well as in paint to enable stealth.

Exhibitor : _ Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

USS018  |  High Performance Anti-Fouling Membrane

Membrane fouling by biofilm is always a major issue during operation in challenging feed waters. The proposed technology consists of an antibacterial membrane and its production method. The membrane is able to inhibit biofilm formation on its surface at very low concentrations and maintain its performance for a substantial period of time. This membrane is especially suited for challenging feed waters with high fouling tendencies. It can be used in both water and waste water treatment and adaptable for other forms of membrane-based filtration processes.

Exhibitor : Itünova Teknoloji A.S.

USS022  |  New Membrane Distillation Process for Sustainable Desalination

Fresh water scarcity is driving highly active research in the field of desalination technologies. Conventional desalination technologies such as multi-stage flash distillation and reverse osmosis (RO) are not only highly energy intensive processes but they require huge investment cost and large footprint, including extensive pretreatment for the RO process. Membrane distillation (MD) is a promising alternative technology, that allows plant operations at ambient pressures and lower temperatures. The proposed technology utilizes an innovative and cost efficient design using low cost materials. 

Exhibitor : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

USS023  |  Smart Membrane Monitoring System for Sustainable Membrane Distillation Process

Among conventional and innovative membrane-based desalination technologies, membrane distillation has great potential for providing both a sustainable and high-quality water supply.   The proposed technology provides an early detection of membrane fouling and real-time characterization of the membrane’s overall condition for condition-based monitoring; it also provides additional temperature measurements without using additional sensors. The measurements can be used to detect anomalies at an early stage to allow preventive measures to be taken to protect the membranes and allow longer period of operation times. 

Exhibitor : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

USS032  |  Carbon Fiber Aerogel: Transforming Waste to Worth

Carbon Fiber Aerogel (CFA) is a patented, super-absorbent, low cost and sustainable material with an extremely high affinity for organic materials that actively repels water. It is highly suitable for the removal of organics, including oils & fats, from an aqueous environment. It is produced from readily available biomass (cotton being most preferred), and uses no other chemical additives during its production or use. The CFA can be recycled, and the absorbed products recuperated, thus making it an attractive solution compared with commercial available solutions. It offers breakthrough solutions for several markets where waste disposal today is the only option.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd