USS038  |  Enclosed Rotating Floating Photobioreactor

The current idea is to design and present a photobioreactor that is characterized as dynamically rotating on the flowing water bodies to completely mix the culture media with the help of natural waterpower instead of artificial electric energy. Furthermore, temperature control on culture in this photobioreactor are more easily achieved by rotating it on the water to accelerate the heat exchange, and to let the temperature of culture media eventually reach that of the environmental water body for saving the artificial electrical energy used for temperature control.

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

USS061  |  Smart Kitchen and Food Waste Recycling System

Kitchen and food waste processing/recycling has been always a major issue for many. Food waste contaminates other waste streams and complicates the process at material recovery facilities. The proposed technology is an organic waste and kitchen waste treatment equipment which has an integrated design comprising sensor technologies and other components. The technology provider has developed a user friendly and cost efficient food and organic waste treatment system based on biological treatment by bacteria and other natural components. The technology is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications which improves food waste recycling rates and reduce contamination of other waste streams.

Exhibitor : Umore Consulting Pte Ltd