USS003  |  Innovative Indoor Air Purification Technology

Indoor air quality (IAQ) management is a major concern for building owners and facility management firms. It is a matter of public health and occupants spend a substantial amount of time in the building. The proposed technology is an indoor air purifier based on electrostatic collection using carbon fiber ionization process that addresses some of the issues faced by using traditional systems for indoor air quality. With micro-level carbon fiber discharge electrodes, this air purifier can charge fine particles without ozone generation. Under powerful electrostatic fields, the particles are then captured efficiently.

Exhibitor : ED Research Co., Ltd.

USS006  |  Ozone Technology for Disinfection

The cheap ozone produced in large quantities by our appliances allows ozone to be used on an industrial scale in more areas than ever before such as to disinfect rooms, cereals, eliminate toxins, control pests, disinfect powders (such as spices in the food industry), purify water and to treat propagation materials.

Exhibitor : Hungary