AME038  |  Micromechanical Tester for the Analysis of Food-Grade Biodegradable Polymers

Environmental awareness promotes new trends in the replacement of conventional non-degradable plastic bags, wrappings, and containers with biodegradable alternatives. Biodegradable polymers are becoming increasingly popular with food manufacturers and many other industry players. The search for good alternatives of plastics has been rampant over the years and this calls for in-depth research to look for the right materials for the right application. Many researchers in this field of work are continuously looking for new materials and they will need to have the right tool to examine and characterise their findings. 

Exhibitor : Newcastle University

Active Food Packaging Material

Contrary to conventional food packaging that is inert to the food; active food packaging has the ability to act against the contaminants and to remove them. This technology presents the use of the polymeric films comprising of halloysite nanotubes as a packaging material for food products. The said halloysite nanotubes are incorporated with active agents, such as antibacterial agents (preferably from a natural source) for providing antibacterial, barrier and ethylene scavenging properties.

Exhibitor : Sabanci University / Inovent Co.