SDE009  |  Recommendation Engine With Artificial Intelligence

This technology is a big data and recommendation engine, providing personalization and recommendation engine for e-commerce and telecommunication businesses. We have capabilities in serving omnichannel recommendations for major clients on 5 continents. Our competitive advantage is directly related to our ability to instantly recognize and address opportunities to boost KPIs.

Exhibitor : Hungary

SDE060  |  Towards Automatic Deep Learning

Deep learning (DL) becomes very popular these two years because of its state-of-the-art performance in many application areas. Hyper parameter is an important problem in deep learning and machine learning. Because it requires careful tuning which is a “black art” that requires expert experience, sometimes brute-force search. We focus on using Bayesian Optimization (BO) technology to automatically find best hyper parameter for deep learning networks. We also explore various application domains with customized BO DL to gather valuable information from big data. 

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore