AME065  |  Flexible Conduction Trace and Flexible Electronic Device for Wearables

This technology presents a low-cost flexible conductive composite and a simple process of arranging the nickel particles in the desired direction by using an external magnetic field. This technology relates to a flexible conduction trace which has better electrical characteristic comparing the previous the metal thin film tech. Furthermore, the flexible conduction trace in this invention is able to maintain a constant resistance during no tensile strain is applied or the tensile strain is applied. Thus this invention provides the operational reliability and prevents the degradation that is experienced in other flexible and conductive materials.

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation

HPC008  |  Healthcare Virtual Learning Environments

Virtual learning environments (VLEs) can be used to provide cost-effective, quality training for students and staff in the healthcare sector. The growth in the global aged population is creating new demands on healthcare providers. These solutions can provide simple and low-cost education and experience with measurable outcomes to large numbers of learners.

Exhibitor : Curtin University

SDE011  |  Augmented Reality - Real-Time Data Streaming

The way we interact with data, and consequently with information, drastically changed in the last decades. Technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are stepping into everyday-life applications. They represent a new way to share, store and exchange knowledge, data and information. Augmented Reality has increased its use in the market due to the advancememnt of the technology itself and due also to the incresing computing power of devices in the market.

Exhibitor : Fraunhofer IDM@NTU

A 3D Multi-Platform and Interactive Game Engine for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Pilot Training

The demand for a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to carry out a search operation in risky environments has increased in the recent years. The ROV controlled by a pilot on-board a surface vessel receives limited data from the ROV and other position indicators to determine its location. To operate an ROV in the underwater environment is difficult especially for novice ROV pilots. Despite the high level of skill required to operate the ROV, training is conducted on-the-job basis which can damage expensive field equipment during operations. Therefore, a virtual ROV simulator is required.

Exhibitor : Newcastle University

SDE065  |  Augmented Reality Content Publisher

This is an innovative platform that provides content owner and provider to publish augmented reality content with ease where it optimizes the user friendliness web interface. The platform easily allows content owner or provider to publish augmented reality content without a fuss. This platform is accessible virtually anywhere and anytime. It also supports any smart devices such as tablets, smartphones and head-mounted devices. Applications include those for medical, retail, entertainment, information dissemination, advertisement and publishing.

Exhibitor : PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd