HPC121  |  Human Analytics - Data Driven Health Risk & Performance Management

Detalytics’ human analytics platform provides contextual and actionable insight into health and work risk both at the individual and team levels. Our data-driven human assets management system help companies improve operational readiness, lower rate of fatigue-induced incidents and improve staff productivity. Let us work with you to advance your services to a new level of quality and precision.

Exhibitor : Detalytics - Human Analytics

HPC098  |  A Socio-Technical Analytics Platform for Ageing-in-Place

In order to meet changing population needs, the caregiving industry must change their conventional social and health care models. A techno-centric solution may overlook important social aspects such as individual behavioural patterns or social issues such as social isolation, satisfaction with life or happiness of elderly. This socio-technical solution aims to understand the unique profile of each elderly individual and provide a personalised care solution to improve their overall wellbeing. This solution will bridge the gap between technology and social sciences in order to better integrate the elderly, caregivers, healthcare providers and technology.

Exhibitor : SMU-TCS iCity Lab

HPC099  |  Online Behavioral Change Detection

Eldercare Monitoring Systems (EMS) that can continuously keep track of daily activities of elderly who are living alone are becoming popular as a means of ensuring their safety at home. A challenge that emerges from such widespread deployments is the accumulation of large amounts of sensor data that need to be processed and analyzed, to identify elderly who may require close attention and help. Manual inspection of such voluminous data is not practical. With Online Behavioral Change Detection (OBCD), caregivers will automatically receive alerts about elderly who are exhibiting behavioral changes which could indicate early signs of deteriorating health conditions.

Exhibitor : SMU-TCS iCity Lab

SDE104  |  Business Analytics Tools & Application Platform

A Business Analytics Tools and Application Platform that enables rapid deployment of “Smart Applications” for data analytics oriented solutions, particularly for Smart Nation or Smart Cities initiatives. It comes with a suite of tools including a built-in analytic Big Data database, data ETL tool, report generator, self-serviced dashboard tools, ad hoc query and reporting tool, task processing and scheduling tool, a GIS Map Visualization server and an extensible Ad Hoc Visualization tool. With its design for extensibility and customization, one can incorporate special functionality to differentiate from other run-of-the-mill applications, e.g. highly interactive and insightful visualization to enable instant sense-making.

Exhibitor : Elixir Technology Pte Ltd.

SDE012  |  Smart Data Dashboards

In a world of information overload, it becomes increasingly important to present complex data in a comprehensive way. The key is to translate these complex data sources into meaningful visuals, followed by creating suitable interfaces to allow the user to interact with the visuals in order to efficiently handle, navigate, and manipulate the data. As decision makers and consumers now expect information to be readily accessible, quickly and at any time, visual solutions such as these serve as explorative tools for consumers to navigate for pertinent information from a vast database that is translated into clear visuals for easier understanding.

Exhibitor : Fraunhofer IDM@NTU

A smart-city connected, shared electro-mobility platform

Our company has developed a shared eco-mobility platform available via the web, iOS apps and Android apps. This enables car sharing, carpooling and electric charging point booking, amongst other mobility services. An accompanying, patented hardware solution allows users to exchange vehicle keys. Our clients include companies, local authorities and landlords.    

Exhibitor : French Chamber in Singapore

SDE009  |  Recommendation Engine With Artificial Intelligence

This technology is a big data and recommendation engine, providing personalization and recommendation engine for e-commerce and telecommunication businesses. We have capabilities in serving omnichannel recommendations for major clients on 5 continents. Our competitive advantage is directly related to our ability to instantly recognize and address opportunities to boost KPIs.

Exhibitor : Hungary

SDE044  |  Ageing-in-Place with Unobtrusive Sensing and Data-driven Storytelling

We have developed an unobtrusive sensing system with storytelling feature to collect information about the elderly for predictive analytics of their physical, social and emotional conditions. The system can automatically collect raw sensor data from the living environment of the elderly, and perform data analytics and then generate the storylines.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

SDE049  |  Design and Development of a Comprehensive Information Technology Infrastructure for Data-intensive Applications and Analysis

Massive amount of data are being generated by man and machines at a rate much faster than what can be consumed/processed. Thus, it becomes imperative to build large-scale IT infrastructures to store, and analyze massive amounts of data. The technology is based on research on future generation cloud computing infrastructures to enable applications processing large amount of data. We aim to provide computing and storage utility much in the same way as other utilities (electricity, water) are delivered to the general population. The research is divided into three tightly integrated programmes.

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

SDE062  |  Self-Service Data Preparation to Dramatically Accelerate Big Data and Analytic Insights

Today, analysts have access to a great deal of raw data and many choices of analytic tools they can use on their own. Yet, most data teams admit they spend 80% of their time waiting for someone else to get them the data they need, or worse, spend hours manually getting data ready for their analytic use cases, leaving 20% of their time for insights. Our technology changes the game with the only self-service data preparation platform built for data scientists, analysts, data developers and IT who want to spend less time preparing data and more time in high-value decision-making.

Exhibitor : Paxata

SDE080  |  User Wi-Fi Location & Movement Data Analytics

This Location Analytics platform provides customised analytics to understand the indoor movement and behaviour pattern of visitors. It provides both retrospective (location heat maps and duration of visits, size distribution) and predictive insights (e.g. likely locations to be visited next). Such insights are critical for a variety of next-generation services such as agile operations (scheduling janitorial services when a surge of visitors use the restrooms) or personalised visitor interaction (tailoring incentives to the size of the visitor group at a recreation park).

Exhibitor : SMU Livelabs - Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform

SDE081  |  Wearable-Based Consumer Activity Tracking for Eating & Retail

Our technologies utilise off-the-shelf personal devices (e.g., wearable smart watches, personal smartphones), in tandem with inexpensive ambient IoT devices (e.g., BLE beacons) to provide a fine-grained understanding of everyday user behaviour during two common daily lifestyle activities: eating and shopping.  Obtaining insights into a person’s eating/diet activities has significant implications for improving individual wellness, monitoring compliance with prescribed diets and understanding lifestyle choices—such insights may be utilised by health insurance providers, wellness organisations and community health organisations. Obtaining insights into a person’s in-store retail activities enables many new forms of personalised retail services.

Exhibitor : SMU Livelabs - Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform

SDE085  |  Facebook Data Analytics: Finding the Strategic Business Location

Choosing an optimal physical location to set up a new business is a crucial decision that affects the success of a potential business. Business owners have to consider factors such as potential customers, competitors, and complementary businesses. In social media, there exists plenty of online user-generated data through which business owners learn about their potential customers, business competitors, and popular locations. This project uses Facebook data to provide insights to find ideal locations for business owners so as to increase their success.

Exhibitor : SMU Living Analytics Research Centre

SDE086  |  Food Image Recognition with Deep Learning Techniques

The goal of this project is to recognize food photos automatically using machine learning techniques, with a focus on recognizing popular local food dishes in Singapore. Food image recognition can be very useful for addressing many real needs of a smart nation, particularly for wellness and healthcare applications. One example is to apply food image recognition technologies for smart food logging so as to further recognize the nutrition of daily food intakes in order to promote healthy dieting lifestyle, which is crucial for our aging society. 

Exhibitor : SMU Living Analytics Research Centre

SDE087  |  Job Analytics: Profiling Jobs and Workforce in Singapore

We develop a job analytics platform to profile jobs and workforce in Singapore. Our goal is to gain insights on Job demand and supply Skills and preferences of workforce, and Job transitions and skills matching Our analytics is based on jobs-related data gathered from social media and other sources (e.g., government data).

Exhibitor : SMU Living Analytics Research Centre

USS008  |  Dynamic Mobility Management – Maximizing Potential of Taxis

Decision support system towards a car-lite city: Balance taxi demand and supply dynamically to meet service demand; and Address demand for last mile services and massive crowd dispersion The solution will leverage on a combination of artificial intelligence technologies, behavioural models and agent-based simulation technologies to: Infer taxi demand to provide real-time guidance to roaming drivers, to empower them with information to improve service and income levels; Simulate fleet operation scenarios for policy evaluation; and Enable ride-sharing services to ease last mile demand and congestion at high volume events

Exhibitor : Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp Lab