USS008  |  Dynamic Mobility Management – Maximizing Potential of Taxis

Decision support system towards a car-lite city: Balance taxi demand and supply dynamically to meet service demand; and Address demand for last mile services and massive crowd dispersion The solution will leverage on a combination of artificial intelligence technologies, behavioural models and agent-based simulation technologies to: Infer taxi demand to provide real-time guidance to roaming drivers, to empower them with information to improve service and income levels; Simulate fleet operation scenarios for policy evaluation; and Enable ride-sharing services to ease last mile demand and congestion at high volume events

Exhibitor : Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp Lab

USS012  |  Intelligent Maritime Traffic Prediction & Coordination

Intelligent maritime traffic management in congested waterways entails coordination of multiple agents (e.g. maritime authority and service providers). Safety of navigation requires analysing and predicting risks of collision, and taking mitigating actions. Our solution leverages on maritime and environment data, incidents and expert knowledge. These are used by the system to identify hotspots, provide decision support that enables real-time coordination, and provide automated guidance to pilots and captains to improve the safety of navigation. It will be useful to port authorities, in particular, port operations control centres, ship captains and pilots to improve efficiency and safety through better decision making.

Exhibitor : Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp Lab

USS013  |  Port Traffic Simulation

Port Traffic Simulation is a data-driven planning and decision support tool to address bulk cargo port traffic planning and port operation to accommodate increasing trade volume of existing cargo and introduction of new cargo. The solution leverages on simulation models to assess various what-if scenarios to address evolving port traffic flows and processes. This is to improve the port operation performance such as reducing queue times and congestion within the port.

Exhibitor : Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp Lab