HPC104  |  Fast Electromagnetic Solver for Highly Inhomogeneous Dielectric Objects

This solver does a fast calculation of the electromagnetic scattering of highly inhomogeneous dielectric objects with high accuracy. The weak form of volume integral equation method is applied to the highly inhomogeneous scatters.  The Fast Fourier Transform method is applied for the acceleration of the calculation. For the applications for MRI safety in a high field, it can solve three million unknowns within three minutes using a standard laptop. 

Exhibitor : Singapore University of Technology and Design

SDE003  |  Catering Transport Planner

For the catering industry, food delivery and utensil collection must follow the time specified by customers. Manual planning not only requires planner to spend very long time to make transport plan, but also may cause late delivery of food and late collection of utensils. Our catering transport planner technology can help catering companies to quickly plan and visualise delivery/collection jobs on the map. Our solution not only significantly reduces the time spent to make transport plans, but also minimizes lateness based on the available resources and reduces overall traveling distance and fuel consumption.

Exhibitor : COI Supply Chain Management