SDE001  |  Social Networking Platform for Travel

This technology is a new generation of social networking platform based on travel experience. Travellers around the world are allowed to connect with their trips remotely from their travel destinations. Anyone can create a trip and invite others to join, or simply join trips created by others. Users can be flexible with their dates of check-in and check-out as long as they are within a fortnight.  

Exhibitor : Anezt Group

SDE008  |  Multi-Currency Payment Smartphone Application

This technology is an E-Money based instant payment smartphone application with a secure cloud transaction service. Based on the “Electronic Cash” concept, it can be used to support Peer-to-peer transactions (even without bank account) Digital wallets Pay-as-you-go applications Prepaid cards Public transportation payments Merchant loyalty/promotion/cashback schemes Targeted promotions, customer acquisition Our technology can be customized for Peer-to-Peer (P2P), retail, financial, public transport purposes.

Exhibitor : Hungary

SDE009  |  Recommendation Engine With Artificial Intelligence

This technology is a big data and recommendation engine, providing personalization and recommendation engine for e-commerce and telecommunication businesses. We have capabilities in serving omnichannel recommendations for major clients on 5 continents. Our competitive advantage is directly related to our ability to instantly recognize and address opportunities to boost KPIs.

Exhibitor : Hungary

SDE101  |  Smartphone Software for Credit Reload of NFC Public Transport Payment

This invention relates to a system that allows topping up of Near Field Communication (NFC) stored value cards using the smartphone, especially for public transportation payment systems. This invention is a software implementation that allows credit reload onto these NFC media via smartphones. With this, mobile phones become an online 7/24 balance loading machine/point and with this application, balance can be monitored and reloaded.

Exhibitor : Yildiz Technical University - Technology Transfer Office

USS009  |  eMarket for Collaborative Urban Logistics

The eMarket system is an online auction system to address targeted aspects of B2B Collaborative Urban Logistics in large cities. The system allows logistics companies to either auction their last mile delivery services or to bid for delivery jobs. The eMarket mechanism aims to: Improve service levels arising from operation flexibility and shared resources; and Optimise truck utilisation, and realise potential cost savings.

Exhibitor : Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp Lab