AME008  |  Development of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) traceability system for livestock

A technology provider in South Korea specializes in RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tag manufacturing. A RFID traceability system for livestock management system has been developed and implemented in Korean DNA bank to secure healthy livestock product. The company is looking for a partner to implement the system in other countries. License agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

Exhibitor : C&P Instrument Corp.

HPC035  |  RFID Smart Cabinet

This RFID Smart Cabinet can store and track contents with RFID technology.  Allowing only authorized users access to the contents, each transaction is automatically recorded in a private cloud database that can be remotely monitored for cabinet operation status and maintenance. This RFID Smart Cabinet is designed for the healthcare industry, particularly pharmaceutical distributor, manufacturer, hospitals, warehouse, etc. Features include: security control centralized inventory management of real-time item level tracking localized inventory reports in the field Easy to install Can be integrated into other industry systems The technology is available for licensing, R&D co-operation and business collaboration.

Exhibitor : Luxon Data Limited

SDE003  |  Catering Transport Planner

For the catering industry, food delivery and utensil collection must follow the time specified by customers. Manual planning not only requires planner to spend very long time to make transport plan, but also may cause late delivery of food and late collection of utensils. Our catering transport planner technology can help catering companies to quickly plan and visualise delivery/collection jobs on the map. Our solution not only significantly reduces the time spent to make transport plans, but also minimizes lateness based on the available resources and reduces overall traveling distance and fuel consumption.

Exhibitor : COI Supply Chain Management

SDE004  |  Smart Toilet System

We licensed A*STAR I2R’s restroom visit monitoring system (aka smart toilet system) to develop a restroom cleanliness management solution. The system which has a people-density functionality and ammonia detection system, sends an SMS alert to cleaners when a pre-determined number of people or odour level has been reached. We partnered I2R to test-bed the smart toilet system over 60 restrooms placed at high human-traffic locations, such as hawker centers, the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa Island and commercial organization restrooms, such as Capital Tower, Wilkie Edge, West Coast Plaza and Kopitiam at NUH.

Exhibitor : Convergent Smart Technologies Pte Ltd

SDE015  |  Data Management System on Secure Data Sharing Service to Reduce Operational Expenses

Our university has developed an innovative system for secure data sharing. This technology provides a management system to increase the performance of the message server. The system also provides ways to improve the efficiency of the usage of resources. The university offers license and commercialization agreements, along with technical assistance.

Exhibitor : Gyeonggi Technopark

SDE007  |  Cloud-Based Intelligent Legal Platform

This technology can be used as an outsourced service model by lawyers with specialized legal expertise, and so they can offer their services to SMEs or corporations. It optimizes the processes and increases the efficiency of legal operations. It is accessible at any time and anywhere on tablets and smartphones. It makes the provided legal services measurable, and it even enables the company to implement an in-house standardized legal system.

Exhibitor : Hungary

SDE045  |  AMPS – Asset Management and Production System

To cater to the needs of growing data scales and cross border collaboration, AMPS is designed to streamline the process of resource management and build a more efficient pipeline for data management and content development. With AMPS, project management and collaboration is efficient and effective even at different physical locations.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

SDE047  |  Computer Assisted Cel Animation System

Cel animation is a popular animation medium worldwide, but because it's tedious to draw frame by frame, considerable manpower is needed. This technology was created to speed up the work of 2D animators. The tools are engineered to generate production quality drawings automatically, yet allow for maximum control by the users when required. In addition, we have established an online animation marketplace, because we believe in an ecosystem of animators participating in animation projects worldwide

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

SDE062  |  Self-Service Data Preparation to Dramatically Accelerate Big Data and Analytic Insights

Today, analysts have access to a great deal of raw data and many choices of analytic tools they can use on their own. Yet, most data teams admit they spend 80% of their time waiting for someone else to get them the data they need, or worse, spend hours manually getting data ready for their analytic use cases, leaving 20% of their time for insights. Our technology changes the game with the only self-service data preparation platform built for data scientists, analysts, data developers and IT who want to spend less time preparing data and more time in high-value decision-making.

Exhibitor : Paxata

SDE069  |  NFC-Enabled Business Lead Registration and Acquisition for Professional Events

We offer a rearchitected NFC-enabled business lead acquisition, registration and technical event support system enabling exhibitors and delegates to exchange business contacts with a simply swipe of the hand. Our scalable technology platform and service suite supports any sized professional event, exhibition or trade fair, from a few dozen to several hundred exhibitors and brands visited by thousands of delegates. Other on-site interaction points are easily integrated. Rich media content disseminated digitally augments follow-ups leading to more conversions, and event hosts get valuable insight into exhibitor-attendee interactions increasing overall return on objectives.

Exhibitor : Rabbit Technologies Ltd.

SDE070  |  A Cloud-Based Delivery Planning System

Many companies in Singapore are still using pen and paper or basic techniques such as zoning to do vehicle routing and delivery planning. There are  few applications in the market today that provide intra-city delivery planning. This technology is designed solely to do delivery planning for cities like Singapore. It is able to consider vehicle load, vehicle capacity, delivery job weight and dimension, delivery time windows as well as drivers’ preference on delivery zones which are all the unique requirement of intra-city delivery. Logistics companies will benefit from this system to quickly assign delivery jobs to vehicles with optimised routes.

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic

SDE073  |  Technology Management and Validation Hub

This is a Technology Hub to accelerate validation, simplify portfolio management and facilitate network engagement for tech owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, business partners, investors and industry contacts. Our solution offers a new method and set of tools which gives you all the visibility and control you need to easily manage and track your portfolio within team while engaging with all third-parties.

Exhibitor : Sehir TTO

SDE077  |  Conference Application for Attendees

This Conference Application was deployed at the Mobisys academic conference (23rd - 30th June 2016 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre (Suntec)) and at the Microsoft Global Faculty Summit.  It provides enhanced functionality, such as games, chats, agenda, quizzes, forums and local information that are typically used by the visitors to conferences, trade shows and other convention-like events.

Exhibitor : SMU Livelabs - Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform

SDE088  |  Taxi Ride-Sharing

This project proposes a simple yet practical taxi ride-sharing recommendation and scheduling framework. The project targets to mitigate the taxi shortage and traffic congestion problem in the modern metropolis. The taxi company and the city transportation planning authorities will benefit from the proposed technique. The technique enables the taxi company to serve more taxi requests without the need of increasing the taxi fleet. The technique could reduce the total travel distance of taxi trips which could help to reduce the city traffic flow and air pollution. 

Exhibitor : SMU Living Analytics Research Centre

SDE089  |  IoT Network Management Platform

The management of sensors and devices of such scale and heterogeneity is a significant challenge to building maintenance and operation. This necessitates the need to have a scalable and reliable platform that can manage and orchestrate these devices. The IoT Network Management Platform eases this management by: (i) ingesting metadata (also known as system data); (ii) providing real-time updates and visualisation of the sensor data and status of each network device; and (iii) providing a means for quick configuration of each network device.

Exhibitor : SMU-TCS iCity Lab

USS009  |  eMarket for Collaborative Urban Logistics

The eMarket system is an online auction system to address targeted aspects of B2B Collaborative Urban Logistics in large cities. The system allows logistics companies to either auction their last mile delivery services or to bid for delivery jobs. The eMarket mechanism aims to: Improve service levels arising from operation flexibility and shared resources; and Optimise truck utilisation, and realise potential cost savings.

Exhibitor : Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp Lab

USS005  |  Monitoring System That Increases Vending Machines Uptime, Operating Time and Decreases Running Costs

This innovation is a highly customizable solution and it brings a new standard to the automated vending machine monitoring market. It allows low-cost, real-time monitoring of most types of automated vending machine groups, even mixed systems, on the same screen and in one application. An added neural network capability makes it a reliable prediction tool for maintenance, intervention, prevention. The solution targets the market of vending machine operators, such as those for ATMs, Tickets, Food, Newspapers, etc.

Exhibitor : Hungary