SDE099  |  Device that Reduces Standby Power of Electrical and Smart Connected Devices

A South Korea company has developed an automatic standby power cut-off technique for electrical appliances. The technology automatically powers down electronic devices as well as electronic appliances connected to Internet of things (IoT) when they are not in use. The company offers license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Exhibitor : Wescon Co.,Ltd

USS026  |  Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

A piezoelectric energy harvester is a form of clean energy that converts the mechanical energy into electricity. The inventor has developed a novel piezoelectric energy harvester for energy saving and self-powered device applications. The harvester is low cost, with a flat shaped, space savings and can be easily integrated into an electronic device, or integrated onto pavements on heavy traffic location for vibrational energy harvesting.

Exhibitor : NEW CREATE