AME044  |  A Speaker Specially Designed For Speech

The world's first sound absorbing loudspeaker with world leading properties related to speech reproduction and the user’s speech intelligibility in particular. Combined with state-of-the-art sound dispersion, a fast and easy installation, and a flexible design makes the Speaker unique compared to existing solutions. It a design icon, well adapted to modern architecture and challenging acoustical environments, so that everyone can hear it all - always. 

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

SDE006  |  Realistic 3D Avatar-Based Facial Makeup System

This interactive avatar makeup simulation system gives users the experience of putting make-up in virtual space by using 3D avatars with realistic facial colour and make-up effect with a real palette UI. Potential buyers of this technology are make-up artists from beauty and entertainment business (theatre, cosmetic business, etc.) and game programmers. 

Exhibitor : ED Research Co., Ltd.

SDE019  |  Next-generation Code Technologies

We provide two-dimensional code technologies having higher expandability than conventional codes such as QR code.  PM Code can contain 100 times larger data, and CL code is excellent in that it does not damage design.  With the ability to contain a larger amount of data, PM code can be used for a wider variety of purposes.  For example, for financial business, improved security can be realized using PM code.

Exhibitor : IPBridge,Inc.

SDE045  |  AMPS – Asset Management and Production System

To cater to the needs of growing data scales and cross border collaboration, AMPS is designed to streamline the process of resource management and build a more efficient pipeline for data management and content development. With AMPS, project management and collaboration is efficient and effective even at different physical locations.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

SDE047  |  Computer Assisted Cel Animation System

Cel animation is a popular animation medium worldwide, but because it's tedious to draw frame by frame, considerable manpower is needed. This technology was created to speed up the work of 2D animators. The tools are engineered to generate production quality drawings automatically, yet allow for maximum control by the users when required. In addition, we have established an online animation marketplace, because we believe in an ecosystem of animators participating in animation projects worldwide

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

SDE065  |  Augmented Reality Content Publisher

This is an innovative platform that provides content owner and provider to publish augmented reality content with ease where it optimizes the user friendliness web interface. The platform easily allows content owner or provider to publish augmented reality content without a fuss. This platform is accessible virtually anywhere and anytime. It also supports any smart devices such as tablets, smartphones and head-mounted devices. Applications include those for medical, retail, entertainment, information dissemination, advertisement and publishing.

Exhibitor : PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd

SDE086  |  Food Image Recognition with Deep Learning Techniques

The goal of this project is to recognize food photos automatically using machine learning techniques, with a focus on recognizing popular local food dishes in Singapore. Food image recognition can be very useful for addressing many real needs of a smart nation, particularly for wellness and healthcare applications. One example is to apply food image recognition technologies for smart food logging so as to further recognize the nutrition of daily food intakes in order to promote healthy dieting lifestyle, which is crucial for our aging society. 

Exhibitor : SMU Living Analytics Research Centre

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