HPC068  |  Sustainable Augmented Health Solution for Individuals Regardless of Age, Location, Disease or Fitness Level

This is the first workout platform in the world that can measure your VO2max and biological age by only using a smartphone. The margin of error is 7%. The same platform provides a low threshold workout program that can increase longevity with 20 years and reduce/remove the need for conventional medication for over 20 different diagnosis. The user gets motivated by seeing the proven effect directly. It can be used worldwide both indoor and outdoor, through smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, PC and television. It is based on 25 years of research from the university with over 100 publications on

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

SDE014  |  Apparatus to collect and transmit accident information of vehicles

A South Korea University has developed apparatuses and methods concerning automotive accident information collection and transmission. This technology consists of a system and methods for transmitting information from the scene of an accident through an intelligent transport system infrastructure network. The university offers license agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Exhibitor : Gyeonggi Technopark

SDE008  |  Multi-Currency Payment Smartphone Application

This technology is an E-Money based instant payment smartphone application with a secure cloud transaction service. Based on the “Electronic Cash” concept, it can be used to support Peer-to-peer transactions (even without bank account) Digital wallets Pay-as-you-go applications Prepaid cards Public transportation payments Merchant loyalty/promotion/cashback schemes Targeted promotions, customer acquisition Our technology can be customized for Peer-to-Peer (P2P), retail, financial, public transport purposes.

Exhibitor : Hungary

SDE023  |  Urban Solution for Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence Platforms are the next tech frontier (on the same scale as search or e-commerce) as mobile, wearable and Internet-of-things (IOT) technology have been prototyped, experimented with and deployed in real-world scenarios. These platforms will help to answer the following - What? When? Where? Who? - With respect to events in the real world. Location Intelligence is the gamut of models, algorithms, techniques and tools that assimilates all the relevant data sources, processes the data and provides requisite answers to such aforementioned questions. Location Intelligence Platforms abstract the above technologies and provide it as data-as-a-service.

Exhibitor : Institute Of Technical Education

SDE046  |  Co-located Gaming System using Multiple Smartphones that are Spatially-Aware

The proposed invention is a method that allows multiple smartphones to compute accurate and instantaneous relative spatial and orientation relationships using only their in-built rear-facing camera within a room-sized physical gaming arena. The floor is overlaid with regularly-spaced visual patterns that allow the vision algorithm within the mobile device to compute its absolute position and orientation relative to these patterns. Each phone communicates its individual spatial information wirelessly to a central server phone, which can then coordinate the spatially-aware collaborative activity among the multiple mobile devices.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

SDE061  |  Visual-based Localization and Motion Flow Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-localization is a key perception technology required in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) to localize vehicle itself in the global map. In conventional methods, they rely on expensive 3D Lidar (Light detection and ranging) to achieve this task. In contrast, we propose a cost effective solution to self-localization by using only normal 2D cameras. We achieve localization accuracy of 20cm – 50cm which is very close to the use of 3D sensors. In addition, we also propose a motion flow analysis of the moving objects in driving environment in order to identify potential risk of specific moving object and enhance safety.

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

SDE074  |  Obstacle Avoidance Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles use a navigation system to pre-plan the best route from an origin to destination. In the event that the path contains obstacles, a real-time algorithm is necessary to compute an optimal path to go around the obstacles. This innovation described a patent-protected obstacles avoidance navigation algorithm based on modified-parallax (MP) for autonomous vehicles and service robots. Algorithm computes an optimized avoidance path with optimal energy consumption.

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation

SDE077  |  Conference Application for Attendees

This Conference Application was deployed at the Mobisys academic conference (23rd - 30th June 2016 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre (Suntec)) and at the Microsoft Global Faculty Summit.  It provides enhanced functionality, such as games, chats, agenda, quizzes, forums and local information that are typically used by the visitors to conferences, trade shows and other convention-like events.

Exhibitor : SMU Livelabs - Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform

SDE081  |  Wearable-Based Consumer Activity Tracking for Eating & Retail

Our technologies utilise off-the-shelf personal devices (e.g., wearable smart watches, personal smartphones), in tandem with inexpensive ambient IoT devices (e.g., BLE beacons) to provide a fine-grained understanding of everyday user behaviour during two common daily lifestyle activities: eating and shopping.  Obtaining insights into a person’s eating/diet activities has significant implications for improving individual wellness, monitoring compliance with prescribed diets and understanding lifestyle choices—such insights may be utilised by health insurance providers, wellness organisations and community health organisations. Obtaining insights into a person’s in-store retail activities enables many new forms of personalised retail services.

Exhibitor : SMU Livelabs - Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform