AME008  |  Development of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) traceability system for livestock

A technology provider in South Korea specializes in RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tag manufacturing. A RFID traceability system for livestock management system has been developed and implemented in Korean DNA bank to secure healthy livestock product. The company is looking for a partner to implement the system in other countries. License agreement and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.

Exhibitor : C&P Instrument Corp.

AME014  |  Anti-Drone Solution

Drone poses great threats to infrastructures like power plants, airports, military installations, government buildings and high rise buildings, which can cause panics, severe casualties and economic disasters. Drones are commercially available and easy to acquire making it reachable to criminals and terrorists. Its capability to record video, carry dangerous payloads and access out-of-bound areas and destinations through the use of Wi-Fi, GPS and even mobile networks to some extent exhibit real treats. On top of these, invasion of privacy and data harvesting are some of the common use of drone by people who has criminal intent.

Exhibitor : Expert Team Pte Ltd

AME021  |  Collaborative Robotic Technology for Multi-Sector Applications - A Modular Approach

Robotics is leading a new wave of industrial revolution that will transform processes and automate many aspects of our life. However for many businesses, implementing a robotic arm or even an automated guided platform requires technical know-how to customize a solution for their applications.   We are developing modular robotics or automated mobility solutions for the construction, manufacturing and retail industries. The solution includes a proprietary vision robotics control system that can be used to move a motorised platform or robotic arm. The control system is designed to operate in an autonomous or collaborative mode to co-function with the manual workforce. 

Exhibitor : Institute Of Technical Education

AME034  |  Robotic Chef

The robotic cooking system is designed to be a cost effective solution to help SMEs in the F&B sector to increase productivity and improve the consistency of food production, as well as help reduce their reliance on operators. It is highly versatile and programmable. It is able to multitask, and can be deployed at the front of house in restaurants so as to offer a different dining experience or at the backend in central kitchens. It can also be customised for use in  food automation in food manufacturing factories or centralised kitchens. 

Exhibitor : Kurve Automation Pte Ltd

AME042  |  A Drone for Ocean Lovers to Uncover the Secrets of the Underwater World

Our underwater drone is specifically designed to make underwater exploration possible for everyone. It comes with user friendly features which empower ocean explorers worldwide to discover the wonders of the ocean, where 90% of it still remains unexplored. We believe we are able to provide the best underwater experience imaginable without the user actually being under-water. Our ‘game-like’ user interface is intuitive and is fully compatible with tablets and smart devices. This helps to quicken the learning curve so anyone would be able to control and operate the drone with little or no training.

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

AME065  |  Flexible Conduction Trace and Flexible Electronic Device for Wearables

This technology presents a low-cost flexible conductive composite and a simple process of arranging the nickel particles in the desired direction by using an external magnetic field. This technology relates to a flexible conduction trace which has better electrical characteristic comparing the previous the metal thin film tech. Furthermore, the flexible conduction trace in this invention is able to maintain a constant resistance during no tensile strain is applied or the tensile strain is applied. Thus this invention provides the operational reliability and prevents the degradation that is experienced in other flexible and conductive materials.

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation

AME069  |  Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing for SMEs

The manufacturing sector has been receiving much headwind in recent times, especially those in the contract manufacturing sector. Our team of experienced engineers have developed proprietary Industrial 4.0 solutions, which will be able to address the challenges encountered in the manufacturing industry. Leveraging on our 10 over years of experience in FMC (Flexible Manufacturing Concept) and experience in precision engineering, we have successfully deployed our solutions across various sectors, including precision engineering. Till date there have been over 50 successful cases where our team helped to convert and upgrade current SME manufacturing plants to become unmanned smart manufacturing factories. 

Exhibitor : SMT Technology

HandiViz - Collision Avoidance Wheelchair

This technology aims at solving the problem of low cost collision avoidance for shared control robots.   An identified market is the one of assistive devices where this technology is embedded on a powered wheelchair to help users driving a wheelchair by providing local collision avoidance when needed. The user is always in control of the wheelchair and decides of the trajectory, however when getting close to an obstacle, the system corrects the trajectory of the wheelchair in a smooth and secure way.

Exhibitor : French Chamber in Singapore

SDE027  |  A Method for Regulating the Communication of Onboard Wireless Sensors

This technology is related to an onboard wireless sensor that can be used for safety reasons. Technology enables a regular data exchange between the wireless sensors and the control unit, therefore, provides a better-quality communication of onboard wireless sensors. The technology behind this invention is the generation of a timetable algorithm determining the data exchange time between a control unit and wireless sensors in a vehicle.

Exhibitor : KOC University

SDE039  |  Asset Tracking using Beacons

In hospitals, some expensive equipment is shared among a few hospital wards and labs. It is sometimes difficult to track the whereabouts of this equipment manually. These equipment require regular servicing by external vendors. Service engineers always have difficulty in locating the equipment when they need to service them. This project develops a tracking system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and mobile phone app. The beacons are used to either identify a location or an equipment. Through mobile app installed on staffs’ mobile phone, locations of equipment are crowd-sourced in the background and updated in the cloud.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

SDE054  |  Free Space Technology and Its Applications to Automotive and Robotics

Vehicle safety has become paramount now, more than any of the previous five decades of automotive transport, owing to the number of vehicles plying urban roads. Hence, vehicles need to understand their surroundings in order to assist the driver in navigating the roads safely. Mobile robots, on the other hand, are equipped with the capability to autonomously transport and distribute items to a predetermined destination. There is a need to estimate the free space present in front of vehicle (robot) in order to navigate efficiently. We present a novel method to achieve robust free space estimation. 

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

SDE061  |  Visual-based Localization and Motion Flow Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-localization is a key perception technology required in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) to localize vehicle itself in the global map. In conventional methods, they rely on expensive 3D Lidar (Light detection and ranging) to achieve this task. In contrast, we propose a cost effective solution to self-localization by using only normal 2D cameras. We achieve localization accuracy of 20cm – 50cm which is very close to the use of 3D sensors. In addition, we also propose a motion flow analysis of the moving objects in driving environment in order to identify potential risk of specific moving object and enhance safety.

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

SDE074  |  Obstacle Avoidance Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles use a navigation system to pre-plan the best route from an origin to destination. In the event that the path contains obstacles, a real-time algorithm is necessary to compute an optimal path to go around the obstacles. This innovation described a patent-protected obstacles avoidance navigation algorithm based on modified-parallax (MP) for autonomous vehicles and service robots. Algorithm computes an optimized avoidance path with optimal energy consumption.

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation

SDE075  |  RADAR with Collision Avoidance Spread Spectrum Sequence

This innovation describes a RADAR detection technology to preventing interference of signal from another identical radar. Interference occurs between radar signals transmitted by vehicles that travel on roads at different elevations and use identical spread sequences. This invention selects a spread sequence based on an elevation of a vehicle and direction of travel. This invention reduces the chance of duplicated spread sequence from identical radar in the vicinity. Therefore, these spread spectrum radar signals have different characteristics and interference does not occur between these radar signals transmitted by vehicles that travel on roads at different elevations or different direction. 

Exhibitor : Seoul National University R&DB Foundation

SDE092  |  Smart Robot Companion for Pets

Pebby, a smart robot companion for pet, is primarily targeting end consumer who are great pet lovers, but yet having to face the pain of leaving their furry friends at home due to work commitment. The idea came about as we, being the pet owner ourselves, know the pain of leaving our dear pet friends at home alone, constantly worrying about what they will be doing while we are away from home and yet not having the option of bringing our little friends along.   

Exhibitor : Sybo Tech Singapore

SDE095  |  Industrial IoT Server using global standard OPC UA

UVC, a South Korean SME, has developed an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) server. It reduces various non-operation costs through combined control between manufacturers. It uses global standard open platform communication unified architecture (OPC UA) and own 3D Engine that can improve convenience and future flexible extension. The company offers license agreement and commercialize agreement with technical assistance and research cooperation agreement.

Exhibitor : U.V.C. Co.,Ltd.

USS059  |  V3 Transformer Technology

The V3 Transformer a.k.a Cloud Robotics is a patent-pending technology solution that retrofits artificial intelligence into any manual surface maintenance machines to make them autonomous. This solution is the first of its kind that is developed in Singapore. It allows for workflow re-design and empowers companies to be more manpower-lean, which will offer consistency in the quality of services provided.

Exhibitor : V3 Smart Technologies