AME014  |  Anti-Drone Solution

Drone poses great threats to infrastructures like power plants, airports, military installations, government buildings and high rise buildings, which can cause panics, severe casualties and economic disasters. Drones are commercially available and easy to acquire making it reachable to criminals and terrorists. Its capability to record video, carry dangerous payloads and access out-of-bound areas and destinations through the use of Wi-Fi, GPS and even mobile networks to some extent exhibit real treats. On top of these, invasion of privacy and data harvesting are some of the common use of drone by people who has criminal intent.

Exhibitor : Expert Team Pte Ltd

SDE100  |  Mobile App Security Solution

This is a mobile security solution that helps businesses and developers discover and resolve security issues in their mobile apps, in just a few minutes and without having to share source code. It uses a three-step analysis that comprises Static Application Security Testing, Dynamic Application Security Testing, and User Behaviour Analysis.  Our mobile application security testing enables users to achieve: Faster time to market by focusing on issues that matter Higher productivity by improving release cycles through our quick onboarding and analysis Complete mobile security using a human plus system approach to leave no stone unturned

Exhibitor : Appknox

SDE016  |  Integrated Framework to Protect Application on Binary Level

Our university has developed an integrated framework to protect application on the binary level. This technology is a construction of an integrated framework on the binary level, to protect applications from exposing passwords, repackaging, infringement of copyright and others. The protection is done through software protection scheme based on prevention and response. The university offers license and commercialization agreements, along with technical assistance.

Exhibitor : Gyeonggi Technopark

SDE033  |  Method and System for Collaborative Security Key Generation for Ad-hoc Internet of Things (IoT) Nodes

Security of the IoT nodes are increasingly becoming an important and critical challenge to solve before many applications in an ad-hoc IoT network become secured and commercially viable. This system enables multiple dynamic trusted IoT nodes be formed and collaborate among each other to strengthen the security key generation, distribution and management for other neighboring IoT nodes.

Exhibitor : Nanyang Polytechnic

SDE094  |  The Bluetooth Padlock Designed To Provide Insights On Your Assets

This technology is a Bluetooth Padlock that can be unlocked using a smartphone or patent pending rhythm code technology. It is the first smart padlock to be integrated with a WIFI module and a long range Bluetooth module, opening up a vast range of applications, including B2B use cases. The built in accelerometer also allows for real-time break in alerts.       

Exhibitor : Transformesh