AME014  |  Anti-Drone Solution

Drone poses great threats to infrastructures like power plants, airports, military installations, government buildings and high rise buildings, which can cause panics, severe casualties and economic disasters. Drones are commercially available and easy to acquire making it reachable to criminals and terrorists. Its capability to record video, carry dangerous payloads and access out-of-bound areas and destinations through the use of Wi-Fi, GPS and even mobile networks to some extent exhibit real treats. On top of these, invasion of privacy and data harvesting are some of the common use of drone by people who has criminal intent.

Exhibitor : Expert Team Pte Ltd

SDE104  |  Business Analytics Tools & Application Platform

A Business Analytics Tools and Application Platform that enables rapid deployment of “Smart Applications” for data analytics oriented solutions, particularly for Smart Nation or Smart Cities initiatives. It comes with a suite of tools including a built-in analytic Big Data database, data ETL tool, report generator, self-serviced dashboard tools, ad hoc query and reporting tool, task processing and scheduling tool, a GIS Map Visualization server and an extensible Ad Hoc Visualization tool. With its design for extensibility and customization, one can incorporate special functionality to differentiate from other run-of-the-mill applications, e.g. highly interactive and insightful visualization to enable instant sense-making.

Exhibitor : Elixir Technology Pte Ltd.

SDE029  |  IoT and More...

Lynxemi is a centre of excellence for product design, development and manufacturing for IoT technology and more. Our proprietary technology provides low cost, low power, long range, cloud-enabled and small form factor solution for sensing the condition and location of any asset and reporting it to the end user via the internet.

Exhibitor : Lynxemi Pte Ltd

SDE043  |  Smart Waste Management System

Waste collection has been a routine task of making trips to all the waste collection points at prescribed time and route, regardless of whether the waste collection points are empty or filled. A lot of efficiencies can be gained if waste collection points are remotely sensed. This project seeks to implement a battery operated bin waste sensing mechanism that includes a Low Power Wide Area Network system (LPWAN) for transmission of bins’ status to a central server, which in turn push job request to a mobile app. The implementation is initially targeted for a campus-based waste management system.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

SDE056  |  Millimeter Wave High-Speed Wireless Communication Systems

Advanced millimeter wave wireless communication systems featuring directional communication and beamforming technology enable extremely fast data rates which are significantly faster than that of current wireless communication systems. Such a system may be applied for enhancement or creation of existing and new services, solutions and customer experiences across multiple industries. Furthermore, an integrated Intelligent Control and Management entity may be included to achieve optimal system performance even in dense deployment scenarios.

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

SDE061  |  Visual-based Localization and Motion Flow Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-localization is a key perception technology required in Autonomous Vehicle (AV) to localize vehicle itself in the global map. In conventional methods, they rely on expensive 3D Lidar (Light detection and ranging) to achieve this task. In contrast, we propose a cost effective solution to self-localization by using only normal 2D cameras. We achieve localization accuracy of 20cm – 50cm which is very close to the use of 3D sensors. In addition, we also propose a motion flow analysis of the moving objects in driving environment in order to identify potential risk of specific moving object and enhance safety.

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

SDE079  |  Seat Occupancy Detection using Capacitive Sensor

In many public access facilities, it is useful to get a clear indication, not just of overall occupancy of the facility, but which specific seat is occupied by a human being or not. In Singapore, people often leave personal objects to mark a seat as occupied, even though it may be against the facility policy. Our capacitive sensor technology is positioned unobtrusively below the table and is capable of discerning the occupancy of an inanimate object. Real-time occupancy technology can be used to track real-time occupancy, provide real-time guidance to waiting customers and schedule services when seats become available.

Exhibitor : SMU Livelabs - Urban Lifestyle Innovation Platform

SDE088  |  Taxi Ride-Sharing

This project proposes a simple yet practical taxi ride-sharing recommendation and scheduling framework. The project targets to mitigate the taxi shortage and traffic congestion problem in the modern metropolis. The taxi company and the city transportation planning authorities will benefit from the proposed technique. The technique enables the taxi company to serve more taxi requests without the need of increasing the taxi fleet. The technique could reduce the total travel distance of taxi trips which could help to reduce the city traffic flow and air pollution. 

Exhibitor : SMU Living Analytics Research Centre

USS005  |  Monitoring System That Increases Vending Machines Uptime, Operating Time and Decreases Running Costs

This innovation is a highly customizable solution and it brings a new standard to the automated vending machine monitoring market. It allows low-cost, real-time monitoring of most types of automated vending machine groups, even mixed systems, on the same screen and in one application. An added neural network capability makes it a reliable prediction tool for maintenance, intervention, prevention. The solution targets the market of vending machine operators, such as those for ATMs, Tickets, Food, Newspapers, etc.

Exhibitor : Hungary