AME043  |  A MICROPHONE That Distinguishes Between Voice and Noise - So That You Can Hear It All, Always

We have developed a state-of-the-art collaborative audio system. At the core we have developed a software that enables our MICROPHONE to fully autonomously locate, tracks and zoom in on speech in a noisy environment. Our software can be adapted to existing or other microphone arrays, that is why we call our software, INTELLIGENCE.

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

HPC020  |  Next-generation Sound Transmission Technologies

Usually, the vibration of sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve of human through the eardrum.  In contrast, in the case of “bone conduction” technology, the vibration of sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve of human through bones.  This technology mitigates the burden on the eardrum, thereby preventing hearing loss.  The present technologies realize sound transmission with higher efficiency then the conventional bone conduction technology with small and light devices.

Exhibitor : IPBridge,Inc.

SDE059  |  Speech Enhancement for Non-stationary Noisy Environment

The technology aims to reduce environmental noise to enhance the human speech signal recorded with a single microphone. In actual environment, the type of noise is unknown and the noise statistics vary significantly with time. Most of the existing noise reduction algorithms fail to adapt to the fast variation of noise and, as a result, provide unsatisfactory performance. The technology exploits the harmonic feature in human speech which provides discrimination with the noise components in the mixture. This fact helps the algorithm identify and suppress the noise components even when the noise varies significantly.

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore