SDE090  |  DeepCAPTCHA: A User-friendly Image CAPTCHA based on Depth Perception

Over the past decade, text-based CAPTCHA (TBC) has become popular in preventing adversarial attacks in many Internet services.  However, in order to stay ahead of optical character recognition technology, TBC has become increasingly difficult to solve. We propose an innovative Image-based CAPTCHA (IBC), DeepCAPTCHA where users arrange 3D objects in terms of size/depth.  Our invention includes technologies to automatically mine 3D models, filter unsuitable models, determine model ordering based on a human-machine Merge Sort algorithm, create new appearances for these objects at multiplication factor of 200, and present these new images to the end-users for sorting (as CAPTCHA tasks).         

Exhibitor : Singapore University of Technology and Design

SDE095  |  Industrial IoT Server using global standard OPC UA

UVC, a South Korean SME, has developed an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) server. It reduces various non-operation costs through combined control between manufacturers. It uses global standard open platform communication unified architecture (OPC UA) and own 3D Engine that can improve convenience and future flexible extension. The company offers license agreement and commercialize agreement with technical assistance and research cooperation agreement.

Exhibitor : U.V.C. Co.,Ltd.