AME045  |  Real-time tracking of personnel and cargo during complex lifting and handling operations.

Norway has a long and rugged coastline, and because of this Norway have been a seafaring nation for over a thousand years. Safety has always been an issue, and even today we register over five hundred accidents related to ship operations in Norway alone. Over 50% of these are injuries to personnel, and the number increase every year. The cost of absence and sick payments amount to over 1.5 billion NOK each year, or about 177 million USD. To help reduce these numbers, we utilize well-proven technology to assist operators during complex situations. 

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

AME046  |  Safety system for indoor use on offshore vessels and installations.

Norway has a long, rich history as a maritime nation. Our merchant fleet has sailed worldwide for hundreds of years, and been important for major ports around the world. The safety of these sailors has been instrumental in the development of today’s Norwegian maritime cluster. We believe we can improve the safety significantly with modern, well-proven technology, securing life at sea on board the vessels and offshore installations. 

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

SDE002  |  Millimeter Wave Gigabit Wireless Communications

High data rate Millimeter wave Gigabit Wireless Communications in place of wired communications: To enable rapid deployment of connected data services that require high connection bandwidth. To eliminate wired infrastructure in order to significantly reduce deployment cost and complexity. To enable rapid re-configuration of deployments of services in dynamic environments.

Exhibitor : CLOPTech

SDE013  |  Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Chipset and Application Examples

We offer competitive Impulse-based UWB solutions, such as High Resolution Real-time Location System, High Resolution Short Range Radar and Body Area Network for Medical ICT (Information Communication Technology). These solutions are availble in the form of chipset or modules in compact form-factor. Impulse-based UWB had potential beyond the existing solutions developed by us and hence we like to seek development partners to work with us to create more innovative solutions for the industry.

Exhibitor : Global Interface Wireless Technologies Pte. Ltd.

SDE021  |  Integrated Internet of Things (IoT) Hub with Data Analytics for Productivity and Business Decisions

Internet of Things (IoT) has been identified as one of the top major disruptive technologies for the next decade. However, for many organisations especially small businesses, implementing a workable IoT solution for their business is riddled with many hurdles such as costs, implementation effort, lack of know-how, integration of differing legacy systems to name a few.   This solution includes a proprietary multi-sector IoT Hub that functions as a gateway to integrate multiple data inputs from various sources such as equipment, machines and devices where data can be analysed by data analytics for remote monitoring and more accurate decision making.

Exhibitor : Institute Of Technical Education

SDE023  |  Urban Solution for Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence Platforms are the next tech frontier (on the same scale as search or e-commerce) as mobile, wearable and Internet-of-things (IOT) technology have been prototyped, experimented with and deployed in real-world scenarios. These platforms will help to answer the following - What? When? Where? Who? - With respect to events in the real world. Location Intelligence is the gamut of models, algorithms, techniques and tools that assimilates all the relevant data sources, processes the data and provides requisite answers to such aforementioned questions. Location Intelligence Platforms abstract the above technologies and provide it as data-as-a-service.

Exhibitor : Institute Of Technical Education

SDE024  |  Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing With Index Modulation (MIMO-OFDM-IM)

Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a multicarrier signaling format commonly used in high-speed wireless communications. It is included in many standards such as Long Term Evolution (LTE-4G), IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) and digital video broadcasting (DVB). The combination of OFDM, for its efficiency and robustness to frequency selectivity, with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, makes a good choice for implementation of 5G networks. The MIMO-OFDM-IM (with Index modulation) scheme is proposed as a possible candidate for 5G wireless networks, especially where energy efficiency is critical.

Exhibitor : Itünova Teknoloji A.S.

SDE025  |  Random Network Coding In Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) Networks Using Control Signaling

The present invention proposes a system composed of several source and destination nodes that can communicate at a high performance without compromising the spectral efficiency. The system applies random network coding, cooperative communication and orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) techniques for high performance. Combining packets at the relay nodes is referred to as network coding. The main idea behind network coding is somehow contradictory to the independent processing of data, where relay nodes (routers) mainly process the packets and then forward them, instead of simple store-and-forward architecture. 

Exhibitor : Itünova Teknoloji A.S.

SDE029  |  IoT and More...

Lynxemi is a centre of excellence for product design, development and manufacturing for IoT technology and more. Our proprietary technology provides low cost, low power, long range, cloud-enabled and small form factor solution for sensing the condition and location of any asset and reporting it to the end user via the internet.

Exhibitor : Lynxemi Pte Ltd

SDE039  |  Asset Tracking using Beacons

In hospitals, some expensive equipment is shared among a few hospital wards and labs. It is sometimes difficult to track the whereabouts of this equipment manually. These equipment require regular servicing by external vendors. Service engineers always have difficulty in locating the equipment when they need to service them. This project develops a tracking system using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and mobile phone app. The beacons are used to either identify a location or an equipment. Through mobile app installed on staffs’ mobile phone, locations of equipment are crowd-sourced in the background and updated in the cloud.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

SDE041  |  E-Chain, A Personal Possession Anti-theft Security Dongle

Like a physical link-chain securing an asset to an anchor, E-Chain uses the IEEE 802.15.4 technology to track and keep close the user’s personal items. The E-chain uses wireless technologies to detect tagged assets within the proximity of the reader. In the event that tagged assets are no longer detected, suggesting the likelihood of theft, an alarm is sounded to alerting the user. The E-chain consists of two modules --- a tag, and a reader. The reader checks that the paired tags are within defined range.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

SDE043  |  Smart Waste Management System

Waste collection has been a routine task of making trips to all the waste collection points at prescribed time and route, regardless of whether the waste collection points are empty or filled. A lot of efficiencies can be gained if waste collection points are remotely sensed. This project seeks to implement a battery operated bin waste sensing mechanism that includes a Low Power Wide Area Network system (LPWAN) for transmission of bins’ status to a central server, which in turn push job request to a mobile app. The implementation is initially targeted for a campus-based waste management system.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

SDE056  |  Millimeter Wave High-Speed Wireless Communication Systems

Advanced millimeter wave wireless communication systems featuring directional communication and beamforming technology enable extremely fast data rates which are significantly faster than that of current wireless communication systems. Such a system may be applied for enhancement or creation of existing and new services, solutions and customer experiences across multiple industries. Furthermore, an integrated Intelligent Control and Management entity may be included to achieve optimal system performance even in dense deployment scenarios.

Exhibitor : Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

SDE071  |  A Novel Way Of Residual Bandwidth Estimation

This invention related to a bandwidth estimation method which is easily implementable on network nodes and enables to be made better routing decisions and/or estimates the flow admission control by enabling estimation of availability of the communication capacity estimates. With the technology presented herein, a method is provided for the estimation of residual bandwidth which is easily implementable on network nodes and which is able to correctly estimate the accurate traffic handling capability.

Exhibitor : Sabanci University / Inovent Co.

SDE072  |  Cooperative MAC Protocol With Relay Selection and Power Control

The improvement of the wireless channel quality is beneficial, not only from the communications perspective but also from the energy perspective, due to potential reduction in the energy costs of data transmission, reception, re-transmission(s) and interference. The quality of the wireless channel can be significantly improved by antenna diversity and multiple output techniques, as the receiver is provided with multiple copies of the original signal through independent fading paths, resulting in diversity gain.This invention relates to wireless networks wherein a more energy-efficient architecture is used and the hardware limitations and the power consumption cost of the wireless nodes are optimized.

Exhibitor : Sabanci University / Inovent Co.