AME001  |  Hybrid 3D Printing Material Solution

The technology offers an additive manufacturing approach using powder and organic binding system. Printed components are then heat treated  to ensure a strong bond is formed between metal pellets within the powder. The result of this process is a strong and sturdy component with a high degree of precision. Such an approach offers manufacturers with a viable alternative to fabricating metallic moulds, for producing precision components.   

Exhibitor : 3DControls

AME005  |  Materials for 3D Printing

This technology offer highlights the work done in the area of materials for 3D printing. 3D printing has revolutionised manufacturing industries by offering a series of advantages including: New shapes and structures - Molds and cutting technologies limit formation of complex structure. New business models - On-demand manufacturing reducing the need for molds, inventory stock and storage area. These technologies innovates the materials used for 3D printing, allow for the replacement of traditional materials and enable new functionalities.

Exhibitor : A*STAR - Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

AME020  |  3D Printing and Simulation

The concept of freeform fabrication is achievable today using 3D printing or additive manufacturing technology. The technology offers product design, design analysis and printing of parts based on 3D printing design principals. Presently, 3D printing technology is widely used by manufacturers to fabricate proof of concepts faster and cheaper. Thus accelerating the design and development process from conceptualization to full-scale manufacturing and production.    

Exhibitor : Institute Of Technical Education

AME081  |  High Powered Multi-Laser Selective Laser System

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology enables highly complex and high-quality components to be manufactured for the industry in large scale on a commercial basis. The SLM technology offered by SLM Solutions enables manufacturers to print parts from a range of metal alloys. Coupled with a high powered multi-laser system and its Melt Pool Monitoring system, SLM technology provides higher productivity and consistency.

Exhibitor : SLM Solutions


Protoking provides services in the prototyping, manufacturing, Research-and-Development and Industrial Design sector. Founded in 2001, Protoking boasts over 15 years of operational experience in assisting clients, which includes Maxtor, Bosch and MIT among others. Our main o­ce is based in Singapore, while we have a both a branch o­ce and factory in Xiamen, China. We are strategically located in South-East Asia which allows us to be a business hub between the East and the West. We bring forward e‑ective knowledge and e­cient techniques to meet the requirements of our clients from di‑erent continents.

Exhibitor : Protoking