AME011  |  Development of High-precision, High-speed Egg Transfer and Selection System

The technology offers an egg-sorting system with new features that are able to increase selection process of eggs for packing. The system is capable of processing up to 38,000 eggs per hour, sorting the eggs according to weight. Percentage of broken eggs during the egg transfer and selection process is below 1%.   

Exhibitor : ED Research Co., Ltd.

AME022  |  A Novel Nested Crash Box as a Passive Safety Component for Vehicles

Raising the safety level of a car is an important scientific research subject. Crash tubes are used to reduce the harm of the accidents on passengers and equipped generally at the front of cars. They have an important role to reduce harmful effects of accidents. This technology presents a new crash box design that enhances the crashworthiness characteristics of crash tubes at dynamic and quasi-static velocities. The main targets of crash tube design are peak load should be lower and amount of energy absorption should be higher at the same time despite being adverse processes.

Exhibitor : Itünova Teknoloji A.S.

AME032  |  Artificial Hand Having Finger Units

This invention is related to a robotic hand technology with enhanced dexterity feature, which is the capability of changing position and orientation of a manipulated object from a given reference configuration to a different one. Technology is an artificial hand with finger units provided with a photocoupler contact force sensor to measure relative displacement around an articulation between associated parts.  

Exhibitor : KOC University

AME034  |  Robotic Chef

The robotic cooking system is designed to be a cost effective solution to help SMEs in the F&B sector to increase productivity and improve the consistency of food production, as well as help reduce their reliance on operators. It is highly versatile and programmable. It is able to multitask, and can be deployed at the front of house in restaurants so as to offer a different dining experience or at the backend in central kitchens. It can also be customised for use in  food automation in food manufacturing factories or centralised kitchens. 

Exhibitor : Kurve Automation Pte Ltd

AME041  |  Dual-wavelength lensless digital holographic microscope for dynamic inspection on micro-electro-mechanical systems(MEMs)

The dual-wavelength digital holographic microscopy system is used to carry out 3D dynamic inspection of the MEMS device-under-test to verify its geometric characteristics. The technology is utilised by manufacturers in semiconductor, MEMS and MOEMS industry as well as research laboratories developing such devices. The system employs a combination of laser line filter and convex reflective mirror in the system. Its innovate physical phase compensation allows for phase curvature in both wavelengths enabling the system to provide dynamic 3D inspection for height or thickness in micron-range with a single image. 

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

AME042  |  A Drone for Ocean Lovers to Uncover the Secrets of the Underwater World

Our underwater drone is specifically designed to make underwater exploration possible for everyone. It comes with user friendly features which empower ocean explorers worldwide to discover the wonders of the ocean, where 90% of it still remains unexplored. We believe we are able to provide the best underwater experience imaginable without the user actually being under-water. Our ‘game-like’ user interface is intuitive and is fully compatible with tablets and smart devices. This helps to quicken the learning curve so anyone would be able to control and operate the drone with little or no training.

Exhibitor : Norwegian University of Science and Technology

AME047  |  Factory automation with contacts in unstructured environments

Industry tasks involving significant contact interactions under unstructured environments have so far resisted robotic automation due to two main difficulties: The control of contact interactions between the robot, the parts, and the environment. In unstructured environments, parts to be handled are placed at diverse positions and orientations.   We have developed the knowledge in overcoming such challenging automation tasks for automation. Based on our achievements thus far, further development is underway to obtain industry-grade precision and robustness for our solution and to further demonstrate our solution on challenging tasks, in collaboration with industrial partners to start-up a robotics company.

Exhibitor : NTUitive Pte Ltd

Laser Magnetometer

A technology has been developed that could outperform existing technology sensitivities at room temperature operation with a new type of magnetometer. The laser magnetometer is based on pumping a laser at its threshold and combining this with a radio-frequency (RF) drive, which addresses a magnetic resonance in the laser medium and suppresses lasing. A magnetic field to be measured then shifts the resonance and the laser threshold allowing the laser to turn on with a laser strength which allows the magnetic field to be determined with high precision and high contrast. 

Exhibitor : RMIT University

AME072  |  Light Hanger: Lens Design and Manufacturing

This technology presents a system and method for designing and manufacturing lenses. And it is expected to provide a solution to the design and production of lenses of various lens geometries, including complex ones which allows more control of light trajectories, especially for LED lenses. The lens design and manufacturing method comprises the following steps: Determining a non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) representation of a provisional lens geometry, simulating ray trajectories in a lens with the provisional lens geometry, determining a final lens geometry based on the simulated ray trajectories and producing a lens with the final lens geometry.

Exhibitor : Singapore University of Technology and Design

AME069  |  Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing for SMEs

The manufacturing sector has been receiving much headwind in recent times, especially those in the contract manufacturing sector. Our team of experienced engineers have developed proprietary Industrial 4.0 solutions, which will be able to address the challenges encountered in the manufacturing industry. Leveraging on our 10 over years of experience in FMC (Flexible Manufacturing Concept) and experience in precision engineering, we have successfully deployed our solutions across various sectors, including precision engineering. Till date there have been over 50 successful cases where our team helped to convert and upgrade current SME manufacturing plants to become unmanned smart manufacturing factories. 

Exhibitor : SMT Technology

AME080  |  Steering Feel Generation Method for the Electronic Steering Wheel Systems

The system provides steering feedback to enhance control of a platform using an electronic steering wheel (steer by wire). Force feedback provided by the system can be easily adjusted to eliminate undesirable effects caused by the interaction between the tires and the terrain. The system is designed to be versatile , allowing a range of force feedback from simple sensor information to more complicated types of feedback using an estimation approach.     

Exhibitor : Yildiz Technical University - Technology Transfer Office

Magnet Movable Linear Motor

There is a growing trend of buildings becoming taller. As a result, floor space that is needed for elevators has also increased accordingly. This need not be the case if more than one cab shares the same elevator shaft. However, traditional elevators are severely limited by the number of cabs that can share the same shaft because of the ropes, pulleys and counterweights that gets in the way of each other. This magnetic linear motor technology is suitable for use to replace the current system besides generating greater thrust force it can also accommondate multi-cabs in a single shaft. 

Exhibitor : Sabanci University / Inovent Co.

USS059  |  V3 Transformer Technology

The V3 Transformer a.k.a Cloud Robotics is a patent-pending technology solution that retrofits artificial intelligence into any manual surface maintenance machines to make them autonomous. This solution is the first of its kind that is developed in Singapore. It allows for workflow re-design and empowers companies to be more manpower-lean, which will offer consistency in the quality of services provided.

Exhibitor : V3 Smart Technologies