Bio-based Consumer Care Materials and Nanosensors

This technology highlights the work done in the area of materials for bio-based consumer care applications. Drawing upon expertise in the design and synthesis of polymers and inorganic nanoparticles, the researchers focus on the development of high performance multi-functional polymers, formulations and encapsulation technologies for the 3 cares: healthcare, personal care and home care.

Exhibitor : A*STAR - Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

HPC028  |  Soy Isoflavone Body Scrub

The technology offers a skincare formula in the form of a body scrub containing isoflavone from soy extract and soybean powder. The scrub formula provides moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits for skin treatment and is suitable for professional and home use. Unlike the plastic microbeads, soybean powder is a soft, gentle exfoliating and naturally biodegradable bead. Clinical tested by 26 female volunteers showed increased for 24.1 ± 5.5 % after single use of soy isoflavone body scrub formula, indicating a good efficacy in promoting intense skin hydration with bioactives from soy isoflavone.

Exhibitor : Khon Kaen University

HPC029  |  Yang Na Soap

The inventor has developed a unique characteristic soap which contains the extracts of oil and leaf from the Yang Na tree. This natural and herbal-containing soap has antioxidant activity which helps to reduce body odor. It can also reduce inflammatory acne while enhancing the radiance of the face and body.

Exhibitor : Khon Kaen University

HPC024  |  Microfluidic Device for Mass Production of Emulsion

The novel multilayer microfluidic device enables the mass production of monodisperse single emulsions. Demonstrated to have the highest throughput for a single device, the device provides control of the droplet size and is completely scalable based on production requirements. The microfluidic system incorporates post-droplet generation processing that can modify the structure and composition in order to produce any kind of engineered particles. The device could be used in the production of highly monodisperse emulsions for a number of different industries.

Exhibitor : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

HPC040  |  Rapid Test Kits for Mercury in Skin-Bleaching Cosmetic

Skin-whitening products are found to contain toxic mercury at dangerous levels in many countries. Mercury, linked to nervous system and kidney toxicity, is easily absorbed through skin with a long half-life in human body.  Efficient on-site detection methods to protect consumers from these unsafe products are necessarily required. Based on a colour change readily observed by the naked eye and with the detection limit of 1 ppm, this easy-to-use mercury test kit offers a rapid and reliable detection of mercury in skin-bleaching products. The product has been commercialized and well accepted in the cosmetics industry.    

Exhibitor : Mahidol University

HPC066  |  Novel Cosmetics Products from Mushroom Extracts

Mushrooms are widely used as food and health supplements since ancient times. They contain significant amounts of proteins, polysaccharides, bioactive compounds, and minerals, having health promoting properties such as anti-tumor, antimicrobial and immunomodulation. The researchers have identified novel mushrooms with anti-aging and skin-whitening effects and cosmetics products were developed out of such mushroom extracts.

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

HPC083  |  Sustainable Production of Phyto-ingredients using Hairy Root Cultures

Plants and plant-derived ingredients are common and of major importance in the fields of pharmacy, food and cosmetics. The drawback of using plant-based innovative ingredients is that their production is influenced by many factors such as growth conditions, fluctuating yields, large time-scales of plant growth etc. Hairy root cultures of various pharmacologically significant plants present an attractive production platform that can be customized for various applications to reproducibly generate valuable compounds.

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic

HPC087  |  Mineral-based Sun Care Agent

This technology offers a novel particle of natural minerals for cosmetics facilitates excellent UVA & UVB protection combining upsides of micro- and nanoparticles while preventing their downsides. The sun care agent is designed into platelet-shaped micron particles which are composed of nano primary particles to solve sunscreen manufacturers’ problems, such as toxicity, surface coverage and uncontrolled agglomeration causing uneven texture on surfaces of application.

Exhibitor : Sehir TTO

HPC097  |  Formulation of TCM and Local Plants Extracts for Personal Care Application

Owing to the increase in awareness of organic personal care product across the globe, the market for natural ingredients of plant extracts is steadily increasing. Through the extracting and screening of local plants and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) herbs, the plants contain a variety of benefits such as anti-oxidant and anti-ageing activities, and also, whitening and anti-bacteria activities are selected for extraction optimization, encapsulation protection and cosmetic formulation.

Exhibitor : Singapore Polytechnic