HPC018  |  Drug Delivery System Capsule Technology

By confining active ingredients of drugs with porous capsule made of silica, it is possible to maximize the effects of the drugs while minimizing the burdens on human body. The technology offers a drug delivery system encapsulation system where all ingredients of the porous capsule, mainly silica, are very stable under acid condition, and having enough durability against digestive enzyme.

Exhibitor : IPBridge,Inc.

HPC019  |  Health-Improving Food Technologies Using Natural Ingredients

The technology provider offers food ingredients with various health-improving functions. Made from only natural material traditionally grown in Japan, these food ingredients are safe for long-term intake. The researchers can also offer research and development for new functional food ingredients based on partner’s request, by using their highly accumulated knowledge on extraction, fermentation and emulsification.

Exhibitor : IPBridge,Inc.

HPC063  |  Food, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Processing using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technologies

Supercritical Fluid processing presents numerous opportunities for new product development and alternative processing routes for food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredient market. The most common form of supercritical fluid used in these applications is carbon dioxide. This is due to its easily accessible critical conditions, its non-toxic nature, abundant supply and easy removal from final product. Supercritical carbon dioxide processing can be used in many ways including extraction, sterilization, antisolvent, foaming, impregnation and etc. for food and pharmaceutical products. 

Exhibitor : Newcastle University

HPC083  |  Sustainable Production of Phyto-ingredients using Hairy Root Cultures

Plants and plant-derived ingredients are common and of major importance in the fields of pharmacy, food and cosmetics. The drawback of using plant-based innovative ingredients is that their production is influenced by many factors such as growth conditions, fluctuating yields, large time-scales of plant growth etc. Hairy root cultures of various pharmacologically significant plants present an attractive production platform that can be customized for various applications to reproducibly generate valuable compounds.

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic