Fabric Enhancing Compression Coating Technology

The innovative technology is a state of the art polyurethane material that can be applied directly to any fabric. It offers the optimal combination of comfort, fit and function, and is customizable according for various functions and fabrics. This fabric-enhancing technology has been proven to be effective in protecting and supporting muscles for stronger performance with increased blood flow for greater psychomotor efficiency.

Exhibitor : Bronxculture Pte Ltd

HPC027  |  Firming Microemulsion

A firming microemulsion has been formulated with the use of different plant extracts and essential oil for anti-cellulite functions. The use of firming microemulsion has many positive characteristics which include excellent penetration, high stability, and efficacy. Clinical trial has shown significant improvements in cellulite appearance, thigh circumference, and skinfold thickness with no incidence of adverse reactions.

Exhibitor : Khon Kaen University

HPC028  |  Soy Isoflavone Body Scrub

The technology offers a skincare formula in the form of a body scrub containing isoflavone from soy extract and soybean powder. The scrub formula provides moisturizing and rejuvenating benefits for skin treatment and is suitable for professional and home use. Unlike the plastic microbeads, soybean powder is a soft, gentle exfoliating and naturally biodegradable bead. Clinical tested by 26 female volunteers showed increased for 24.1 ± 5.5 % after single use of soy isoflavone body scrub formula, indicating a good efficacy in promoting intense skin hydration with bioactives from soy isoflavone.

Exhibitor : Khon Kaen University

HPC029  |  Yang Na Soap

The inventor has developed a unique characteristic soap which contains the extracts of oil and leaf from the Yang Na tree. This natural and herbal-containing soap has antioxidant activity which helps to reduce body odor. It can also reduce inflammatory acne while enhancing the radiance of the face and body.

Exhibitor : Khon Kaen University

HPC021  |  Non-fatigue LED Light based on 1/f Fluctuation and Fractal Theory

The Japanese government has announced the national policy that lighting systems should shift from fluorescent lamps to LED lights in the next decade. LED lights have the advantageous features of much more energy-saving and longer-life lighting capability over the fluorescent lamps. However, LED lights have the disadvantages of too much bright which could cause the eye problems. To resolve such problems, this study proposes an LED lighting system, which is easy on the eyes.

Exhibitor : SICO (Shikoku TLO , Japan)