AME025  |  High Performance Adsorbent for Pollution Control

Environmental pollution often leads to serious health hazards for humans; therefore, the development of technology to remove harmful substances from the air is important. A high performance amorphous adsorbent based on oxides of iron has been developed to efficiently remove harmful substances from contaminated soil, water and air. It can be used in a wide range of applications relating to environmental cleanup. This technology is expected to improve the quality of life for people whose living conditions have been affected by contaminated soil. atmospheric and water pollution.

Exhibitor : SICO (Shikoku TLO , Japan)

USS007  |  Novel Partition Electrolysis Technology (PET) for Metal Recovery and Wastewater Treatment Applications

The technology provider has developed a novel electrolysis technology targeting metal recovery and wastewater treatment applications. After 5 years of intensive research and development with multiple pilot trials, the patent pending technology has demonstrated its performance in two main applications, recovery of metals from spent catalyst and ewaste, and toxic organic compounds destruction in wastewater.   The technology developed is based on a unique membrane separation design of electrochemical cells, and careful selection of solvents and optimisation of operating parameters, which allows the process solvents to be continuously recycled and metals to be recovered in a high purity metallic form.       

Exhibitor : Envichem Technologies Pte Ltd

USS045  |  Low Cost Optimized Enzymatic Paper Waste Pre-Treatment for Biogas Production

Paper and pulp industry is the sixth largest polluter in the world. Biogas industry is the new rising renewable energy but its faces many challenges to enhance efficiency by various input raw materials making it feasible in only limited cases. The proposed technology which is an enzymatic-based solution is a potential game-changer that allows the efficient utilization of paper mill waste as a carbon rich input to the biogas plants as a new source.

Exhibitor : Sehir TTO

USS061  |  Smart Kitchen and Food Waste Recycling System

Kitchen and food waste processing/recycling has been always a major issue for many. Food waste contaminates other waste streams and complicates the process at material recovery facilities. The proposed technology is an organic waste and kitchen waste treatment equipment which has an integrated design comprising sensor technologies and other components. The technology provider has developed a user friendly and cost efficient food and organic waste treatment system based on biological treatment by bacteria and other natural components. The technology is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications which improves food waste recycling rates and reduce contamination of other waste streams.

Exhibitor : Umore Consulting Pte Ltd