Discover, Connect & Collaborate at TECHINNOVATION 2020 
7 - 11 December 2020

TECHINNOVATION is a premier technology-industry brokerage event organised by IPI. It brings together international and Singapore technology providers and seekers to explore technology and business collaboration opportunities through open innovation. In its ninth year since its inception in 2012, it has grown to become a leading conference and exhibition in Singapore that focuses on the matching of industry’s needs to enabling technologies.TechInnovation 2020 will be a fully digital event that will take place for 24 hours over 5 days from 7 to 11 December 2020. Exhibitors and attendees across all time zones will be able to participate and network with each other virtually.


Seek collaborations and discover technologies through an open innovation platform.


Exhibit and pitch technologies for commercialisation or co-development to technology seekers.

Best Practices

Learn from thought leaders and be inspired by successful enterprises in their innovation journeys.

1-to-1 Meetings

Connect with potential collaborators through pre-matched business meetings.



IPI Tech Experts provide support to enterprises that are looking for technical expertise to enhance or complement their in-house capabilities. Tap into our pool of experienced Experts from different domains to solve technical challenges encountered in various stages of your product development journey. Click on the Tech Experts’ profiles below to schedule a 1-to-1 virtual meeting at your convenience!


The Innovation Advisors Programme (IAP) supports Singapore enterprises in their innovation journey and accelerates their growth through bespoke advisory by our Advisors - industry veterans who are ‘bilingual’ in both business and technology. They will guide you in developing differentiated products or services, adopting new business models or enhancing your innovation capabilities.

Click on the Innovation Advisors’ profiles to schedule a 1-to-1 virtual meeting and have a chat with them on how they can help you transform and grow your business!



Basic Package
(Up to 2 Tech Offers)

Suitable for SMEs, Startups, Researchers and Inventors

Standard Package
(Up to 12 Tech Offers)

Suitable for University Tech Transfer Offices, Research Institutes, Centres of Innovation, Incubators/Accelerators, Corporate Venture Builders, Technology Intermediaries, Innovation Agencies and Enterprises with more Tech Offers