Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: TechInnovation will be held on 18 - 19 September 2018 at Level 1 Halls A & B, Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore. The opening hours of TechInnovation 2018 are 0830 hr to 1800hr.

A: Details on the programme will be available under the Agenda section at a later date. 

A: To register as an exhibitor, apply online at Please note that registration ends on 24 July 2018 or when the booths are fully booked, whichever is the earlier.
TechInnovation is a free event for delegates. Delegate registration opens in June 2018.

A: TechInnovation is held in association with SWITCH. Details about registration for other events in SWITCH will be provided when site is ready.

A: Lunch can be purchased at the F&B area in the exhibition hall during event days.

A: IPI is the organiser of TechInnovation. IPI was established by the Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry in April 2011, to catalyse and enable enterprises to grow their businesses through the use of technology and innovation. IPI promotes open innovation, and works with enterprises to source for technologies available both locally and from overseas. In addition, it facilitates partnerships to bring new and innovative products and services to the market. Connected to a global network of technology partners including the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), IPI is well-positioned to assist Singapore enterprises to discover new business and innovation opportunities and expand their reach through its innovation partners.

For more information about IPI, visit

A: There are 3 types: Standard Booth (6-Panels), Small Booth (1-Panel) and Raw Space (min. 32 sqm). For more information on the benefits and pricing, please download the  Exhibitor Brochure.

90% of the booths will be allocated to Technology Provider exhibitors and 10% to Service Provider exhibitors.

A: Exhibitor registration will close on 24 July 2018 or when the booths are sold out, whichever is the earlier.

A: To register as an exhibitor, apply online at Select the type of booth and tell us about your technology offers, products or services that you want to exhibit. The person who submits the form will be the main point of contact for all administrative matters.

A: The booth will be allocated by IPI and you will be informed of the location nearer to the event. IPI takes into consideration the type of booth, category of technology to be featured, geographic region of the exhibitors, layout of the exhibition hall, for booth allocation.

A: TechInnovation is a marketplace & brokerage event that promotes technology commercialisation and collaborations between technology seekers and technology providers. The exhibition rates for Technology Providers are non-commercial to encourage tech transfer offices, research institutes, enterprises, technology intermediaries, SMEs, startups to participate.

The rates for Service Providers, who are selling products and services, are very competitive compared to other events of similar scale and target audience. There is a limited number of booths (not more than 10%) for Service Provider exhibitors.

A: Technology Providers make available technologies or intellectual property for technology transfer, commercialisation, licensing, research collaboration, joint development etc. They include tech transfer offices, research institutes, hospitals, enterprises, corporate ventures, technology intermediaries, SMEs, incubators/accelerators, startups.

A: Service Providers sell products and services such as consultancy, IP strategy & management, IP prosecution, IP intelligence & analytics, technology translations, prototyping, design etc.

Yes, you are strongly encouraged to bring and exhibit them at the booth. Booths with such exhibits attract greater interests from the visitors. Please ensure that the exhibits are placed within the space allocated for your booth. if you need additional furniture to display the exhibits, you may rent them from the event organiser. If your exhibits have high power requirement, please inform the event organiser.

For Standard Booth (6-panel), you will get four (4) exhibitor passes. For Small Booth (1-panel), you will get two (2) passes. The exhibitor passes are given to exhibitor personnel who are manning the booth at all times. The exhibitor passes allow exhibitors to access privileged functions in the event system, e.g. TechOffer submission, meeting and leads management etc. so the number of passes is strictly limited.

For exhibitors, your passes will be available for collection from 17 September afternoon from the “Exhibitor” line at the registration counter when you arrive for the booth setup.

When your exhibition application is accepted, you may choose to pay by cheque, bank transfer, or GeBiz E-Invoice. The exhibition fee shall be paid within one month, or by 24 July 2018 whichever is the earlier, to the event organiser after your application is accepted.

If you withdraw your exhibition application on or before 24 July 2018, the fee will be refunded to you less any charges that may have been incurred by the organiser. If you withdraw after 24 July 2018, there will be no refund.

A: All Technology Provider exhibitors must submit online the full technology offer(TechOffer) write-up for every technology to be exhibited. The information will be used to assess the suitability of the technology for exhibiting, matchmaking and Crowdpitching purposes. It also enables IPI and our supporting partners to help you find the right technology seeker for collaboration. The deadline to submit Techoffers is 31 July 2018.

A: You may submit the TechOffers online once your exhibition application is accepted, and before 31 July 2018. All fields in the TechOffer form are required such as the title, summary, features, specifications, technology readiness level (TRL), applications, benefits and illustrations. The information will be published on the event website and mobile app for technology seekers to know more about your technologies. The earlier you submit the TechOffers, the sooner they can be published.

A: You are responsible for writing your TechOffers in the English language and they will be published as is. You will be provided with a guide on how to write a good technology offer. However, IPI is not responsible for proof-reading and correcting factual or grammatical errors. If you require TechOffer writing service, IPI can connect you to a service provider. The writing service is chargeable.

You are not required to submit any TechOffer. Please provide descriptions of your products and services in the corporate profile. You may bring your own posters and marketing collateral or engage the event organiser to produce them at your own cost.

Yes, you may create and bring your own A0-sized posters at your own cost. Please ensure that your posters show the same technology title and summary as shown in the approved TechOffer in our system. Double-sided tape is available from the event organiser to mount the posters onto the booth panels. You may also bring other marketing collateral e.g., standees, pull-up banners, brochures. Please ensure that the collaterals are placed within the space allocated for your booth.

A standard technology poster template in Adobe Illustrator .AI format is available for your use if you choose to create the poster yourself. The template contains the technology title, 250-word summary, an illustration (e.g. image, diagram, drawing etc.) and QR code for use with the TechInnovation mobile app.

A: Yes, Special discounted rates are available if you choose to use the poster production service of the official Event Organiser. The price includes the printing, delivery to event venue and installation of the posters.

Type of Poster Production Service by Event Organiser Special Rate Per Poster (For TechOffer submitted by 31 Jul 2018) Normal Rate Per Poster (For TechOffer submitted after 31 Jul 2018)
1. Print from final artwork supplied by exhibitor For Exhibitor who has a ready poster design in Adobe Illustrator .AI format. Send your poster design to the Event Organiser for print and installation. $50 $70
2. Layout and print using standard TechInnovation poster template Event Organiser will layout and print the poster based on the standard TechInnovation template. The template contains the technology title, 250-word summary, an illustration (e.g. image, diagram etc.) and QR code for use with TechInnovation mobile app. $90 $110
3. Create and print customised poster Exhibitor may choose to engage the Event Organiser to create a customised poster instead of using the standard template provided. $130 $150

You are also free to engage your own vendor. In that case, you have to make the delivery and installation arrangement with your vendor.

A: Yes, you may keep them after the event.

A: Crowdpitching is a platform for Technology Provider exhibitors to present and pitch their technology to the audience for commercialisation or collaboration opportunities. There are four crowdpitching sessions in Services & Digital Economy, Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering, Health & Personal Care, and Urban Solutions & Sustainability available, with up to 10 crowdpitches per session.

A: When you submit your TechOffer, you may indicate your interest to present the TechOffer for crowdpitching by 31 July 2018. IPI will evaluate and shortlist the TechOffer for crowdpitching based on innovativeness, market needs etc across sectors etc. If accepted, exhibitors are given up to 7 minutes at one of the four crowdpitching sessions based on technology category. One crowdpitch per Technology Provider exhibitor is accepted.

A: Submit your TechOffer by 31 July 2018. IPI will evaluate and shortlist the TechOffer for crowdpitching. You will be informed by end August if your TechOffer has been accepted for crowdpitching. The earlier the TechOffer is submitted, the higher the chance of getting a slot to crowdpitch.

A: TechInnovation is a free event for visitors. Visitor registration opens in June 2018.

A: TechInnovation will be held at Level 1 Halls A & B of Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Expo and Convention Centre. Please find the directions to Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre here.

A: list of recommended hotels will be provided at a later date. Please check back for updates.

Please find the relevant information on parking here.

A: For visitors, you may collect your pass on 18 and 19 September 2018 at the registration counters. Please show us your QR code for a smooth registration process.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us at