Micro Quantum Random Number Generation Technology

Abstract/Technology Overview

Most commonly used pseudo random number generators that generate random numbers by defined formulas are exposed to hacking when patterns or cycles are identified and are no longer safe to use for encryption and authentication. The micro quantum random number generator (QRNG) that we offer is a microchip product that generates encryption keys and digital signature codes by creating random numbers that is impossible to predict. In addition, this technology is widely applicable, so it can be mounted on fast random number generator modules, various IoT devices, or used in authentication software.

Developed for secure financial transactions or authentication, PIN-Pattern Authentication powered by quantum random number is a simple, optimal and patented technology to defend against smudge attacks, shoulder-surfing attacks, and replay attacks by using unpredictable quantum random numbers when authenticating financial transactions with a smartphone.

Soon, the quantum crypto chip with this technology will be released and it will be an innovative product to solve present security risks.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The encryption key is an important technical element that secures information and is generated using a random number generator. Most cryptosystems use pseudo-random number generators to generate them, and because they have a defined formula and cycle, they are exposed to hacking and are no longer secure for encryption and authentication. The micro quantum random number generator we provide produces random numbers by extracting randomness from time intervals between the particles that are emitted at completely unpredictable times from radioisotope decay, and generates random numbers that humans cannot predict based on quantum theory.

Using this principle, we develop our quantum random number generators in the form of microchips, USB and PCI cards, and provide them to various IoT devices, Fintech, national defense, and quantum cryptography industries.

Specifically for the Fintech technology, we provide not only various types of quantum random number generators but also authentication systems using this principle. Developed to secure Fintech transactions and user authentication, 'Q-Pattern' system completely eliminates the vulnerabilities of PIN-pattern Authentication to prevent smudge attacks, shoulder-surfing attacks and replay attacks. In this system, randomly generated quantum random numbers are dynamically assigned to each pattern point without using fixed values, thereby preventing the risk of hacking, and authenticating the user's behavior to prevent shoulder-surfing or smudge attacks. It recognizes users' behavior (touch method, speed, pressure, etc.) so that only authorized users can authenticate, even if someone draws the same pattern.

Potential Applications

Our QRNG is very small and can be manufactured at a low price, so it can be applied to any security product that includes a security function.

  • Microchip product: 3mm in size and can be manufactured at a very low price, so it can be applied to all security products including encryption. In particular, it can be used to dramatically increase the security of IoT devices, which are typically small and low-priced, and can also be applied to communication devices such as smartphones.
  • USB type QRNG: As it produces very fast quantum random numbers, it can be applied to large scale security products such as servers, blockchain platforms, hardware security modules, etc., especially in the defense and game industries.
  • Encryption microchip product: 2 kinds of encryption chips are currently under development. The first is the encryption chip with QRNG, and it is equipped with patented technology to prevent side-channel attacks. Another encryption chip, which is being developed for the US Air Force, is equipped with video compression technology using AI and blockchain technology to compress, encrypt, and send and receive images taken from unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones.
  • Software products: In addition to the Q-Pattern technology, there are four more software products, one of which is a technology that uses random numbers to simultaneously authenticate multiple devices in real-time, defending spoofing nodes on the blockchain.

Customer Benefit

The public may not be aware, but the risk of pseudo-random numbers is a serious problem among professionals. Several years ago Edward Snowden revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) tried to make a standard for the random number generator with a backdoor. If it had been approved as a standard, the NSA could have freely used the information on all smartphones. The keynote speaker at the 2017 RSA Conference also announced that hacking into vulnerable random number generators would be the most dangerous attack in the future.

The use of products that include quantum random number generation technology can help mitigate these threats. No one can predict or manipulate cryptographic keys. Because it is small, inexpensive and powerful, it can be applied to any device used.

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Jung Hyun Baik


EYL, Inc.

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