Super Bamboo - A High-strength, Lightweight and Sustainable Bamboo-based Material

Abstract/Technology Overview

We designed a new generation of high strength and lightweight bamboo-based materials for construction. Its low cost and fast forming manufacturing process was also developed. By applying eco-friendly chemical treatments and special mechanical processing onto bamboo, we will deliver a 'super bamboo' rivaling the strength and stiffness of metals/alloys at a lower cost.

The product is completely made from bamboo and has good fireproof and waterproof properties. With its remarkable mechanical and service properties, this environment-friendly product is a competitive alternative to wood and metal for construction. Our method provides a highly promising route to the design of high-performance, lightweight, sustainable structural materials, with extensive potential for a broad range of applications.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • It is a 100% eco-friendly process, with no formaldehyde emission
  • Excellent mechanical properties:
    • Its stiffness is 5x greater than that of untreated bamboo
    • Its specific strength (strength-weight ratio) can be 5x greater than that of low carbon steel
  • Good dimension stability
  • Excellent service properties, including excellent waterproof, fireproof and anti-moth properties

Potential Applications

  • This high strength and lightweight prototype can be use to replace conventional wood, plastic, and low carbon steel
  • This prototype can be used as quality load-bearing structure parts, such as outdoor flooring and interior floor/wall
  • This prototype can be used as interior and exterior decoration as well as high-quality furniture
  • This prototype can be used in high-speed rails for lightweighting


Contact Person

Maggie Mak


City University of Hong Kong

Technology Category
  • Manufacturing
  • Forming
  • Bio Materials
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 3

bamboo, lightweight, high strength, construction material, low porosity, eco-friendly, stiffness