Rapid, Reliable And Convenient Nitrite Detection Method For Drinking Water

Abstract/Technology Overview

The nitrite ion (NO2-) is widely recognized as surface & groundwater contaminants originating from agricultural activities, improper wastewater discharge, and atmospheric precipitation. In addition, nitrite exposure is detrimental to general public health. This technology relates to a detection assay that allows faster and more convenient naked eye nitrite detection (within 1 min and without the use of any instruments). In comparison, the conventional Griess method requires heating and 30 mins incubation time prior to detection.

The novel detection assay is highly selective and sensitive making it extremely suitable for drinking water quality testing. Trials of this assay method in tap water and human urine have been successfully demonstrated. As such, it holds great potential for on-site environmental and biological investigations.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Novel Nitrite Detection Method

Conventional Griess Test Method

1 min detection

30 min incubation before detection

No heating

30 minutes heating and incubation

Naked eye detection

UV-Vis spectrophotometry

Instrument free, suitable for on-site detection

Requires instrumentation

Highly sensitive and selective
- drinking water quality analysis in accordance to WHO and US EPA guidelines


Potential Applications

  • Drinking water quality analysis
  • Food safety analysis
  • Bio-sample analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • On-site nitrite analysis

Customer Benefit

Fast, selective, and instrumentation-free colorimetric nitrite detection method which allows on-site water, food, environmental, and biological analysis.

Contact Person

Maggie Mak


City University of Hong Kong

Technology Category
  • Analysis
  • Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Quality / Safety
  • Diagnostics
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Biotech Research Reagents & Tools
Technology Status
  • Available for Licensing
Technology Readiness Level
  • TRL 6

Nitrite Detection, Colorimetric Method, Drinking Water Analysis, WHO Standard, U.S.EPA Standard, Instrumentation-Free, Fast Detection(1-min)